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Frederick Clark

Toca Boo is a hilarious and unique game that offers you to scare the hell out of others. If you are tired from horror games that were made to raise the fear inside your brave heart, check out Toca Boo. This is a crazy and marvelous adventure in a really atmospheric house. You can have fun by hiding and scaring other people, and you can always expect pleasant surprises in the game. The game was developed by Toca Boca for the Android platform.

Graphics 10/10

Some critics may say that this design is too simple. We have already seen well-developed realistic horror games that this one looks rather plain. However, no one can deny the beauty of this simplicity. It may not have a detailed background, and it looks rather cartoonish than realistic. It has 6 lovely characters and an amazing two-store mystic manor.

Gameplay 10/10

Toca Boo was created for players from 4 years old. It is atmospheric, but not scary at all. Actually, this game is fun and cute. You play an adorable Bonnie character whose main goal is to scare all the dwellers of this manor. The game offers you these incredible options:

  • You can hide anywhere you want in the room. Wait until one of the family members arrive, and jump out on them. You have to hide really good, as this family loves different pranks, and they are tough players. If they will find, you lose;
  • It may be a little bit boring for you to sit steal under the couch or curtains. You can turn on the music and dance in the empty room. It could be really fun! You can do whatever you want, even explore the kitchen or fridge. The best way to scare home dwellers is to be in your best shape;
  • Forget about your mischief for a while. Look around. You can explore this beautiful house that contains 6 large rooms with plenty of places to hide. It has extraordinary aesthetics;
  • Pick one of the family members. It is recommended to pick them one by one. Learn where she or he will be next time. Hide behind the furniture and wait when they will be close to you;
  • You can actually touch and move furniture in the game. Don’t forget about it;
  • There are no other rules in the game.

Replay Value 9/10

The game has a high replay value. It does not have to end after you scare all your family members. You can try different approaches, invent something new. Gather more scores and receive amazing surprises.

Controls 10/10

Toca Boo was created for players from a young age. It is not scary at all. On the contrary, the game teaches you not to be afraid of the dark. It is funny and easy to control. Anyone can learn how to interact with non-playable characters and house itself in a few minutes, even if you have never played similar games or any games on your mobile device. Toca Boo provides you with brief detailed instructions on how to control the game. Start with the beginning, learn the primary demands of the game. Take a good look around. All you need is to tap on buttons, and swipe into different sides.


Toca Boo offers you to master your skills in mischief. The game is not scary at all. Instead, Toca Boo is adorable. You can follow your heart and create your own entertainment.

  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 10
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 9

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