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Hello Neighbor review

Eleanor Wilson

Hello Neighbor is a game where you play a stealthy person who sneaks into a neighbor's house to find what he is hiding in the basement. You are being watched and you are against an advanced AI who learns from your every move. You can either walk through the basement, or sneak through the front door, or climb through the backyard window.


You play as a young boy that tries to sneak into his neighbor's house. You'll have to break in, avoid his traps and figure out what he's hiding in the basement. The AI is pretty good and it learns from every move you make. There are different ways to break in: breaking windows, picking locks, digging tunnels, using vent shafts, and so on. You might even have to use some of his own traps against him. The graphics are pretty good and the house is really detailed. There are currently 2 houses to explore (more coming in the future). The AI is pretty advanced and can hear, see, smell and even guess what you're up to. The game has a creepy atmosphere and is really fun to play. I was really surprised by how good it is.


Hello Neighbor graphics are somewhat cartoonish but it isn't bad because they enhance the mysterious atmosphere of the game. Level design is great as well - house is filled with different rooms and the Neighbor can be found in any of them. Scary-looking characters and sounds are there to make the game even more exciting.


Hello Neighbor controls are easy to learn and are optimized for mobile devices. You will easily be able to move around freely after just a couple of minutes into the game. You will be able to sneak around, break into other rooms in the house, and perform other tasks as the game progresses.


The game is really interesting to play but after you find out all of the mysteries, it loses a part of its charm. I wouldn't say this game is highly replayable. It is like a one-time playthrough. It is really hard to beat the game in the first time because the AI is really intelligent. I believe the game is made like this because the developer wanted to challenge the player.


Hello Neighbor is a brilliant stealth horror game with really good graphics and advanced AI. It is really fun to play and I'm sure many of you will enjoy it. If you were looking for a good horror game, try Hello Neighbor.

  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 8
  • Replay Value 7

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