The Game of Life

The Game of Life

The Game of Life review

Eleanor Wilson

The Game of Life for mobile phones is an adaptation of a famous boarding game created by Marmalade Game Studio. It has over half a million installations. In this game, you can go to college, get a job, and play other mini-games. The app is fascinating; it's an excellent chance for every family member to have fun. In the game, you can live another virtual life in which you can return the time if necessary. You can download The Game of Life on Android and iOS platforms.

Graphics 10/10

Hasbro and EA took care of the apps' graphics. There is a bright 3D animation of the parts moving around the board. The whole app looks like an extension of the original board game experience with cartoony art on the cards. 

The game creators also added the trademark of the physical Game of life as a board. As for the iconic pieces, there is also a spinner remembered by a lot of players. 

Gameplay 10/10

Here is a virtual life that is practically no different from the real one. The characters will grow up right before your eyes. So it's up to you to make decisions about their future. Take your guys along the path of life, return in case of failure.

As for the decisions, they include education, career, and every next step of your characters' life. In the virtual world, you can meet a soul mate and play a wedding. Your main goal is to get to the yellow square, which symbolizes the final of the game. 

The game has a multiplayer mode. There you can have a contest with other players. Have fun with your friends on the same device in a local mode. 

In a quick game, you have to fulfill various conditions to win. The main goal is to do every task as quickly as possible. Game of Life is quite simple, so it’s suitable for the whole family. 

Replay Value 8/10

The game can definitely be played several times. Firstly because you can make different choices each time, for example, go straight to work instead of college. Also, you can use various modes, play alone, with family or friends.

Controls 10/10

Tap the screen and spin the spinning, making circular movements, similar to dialing a number from a phone. Then the application reads the strength of your movement on the counter. Just as the audience increases the audience, “The price is right,” participants who do not make the big wheel spin, the app warns you if your rotation is too weak. No bolts in the app, however.

Spin Spinner and the app takes care of the rest by moving the virtual plastic minivan across the board. Sometimes something pops up and says you owe money, or you get money, and the amount of money is automatically redistributed between you, your opponents, and the bank.


Game of Life offers a player to live the whole life cycle. The application has many exotic locations and tasks. A high-quality graphic component will enable users of the Android operating system to experience the many hours of gameplay, by completely immersing themselves in the exciting atmosphere of a video game. A cool feature of this game is the correct optimization of the project and other built-in elements, which allows you to forget about crashes. Download Game of Life and go through different levels, earn points, and purchase additional items in the store. Thank you for reading this Game of Life review, we hope it was helpful.

  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 10
  • Controls 8
  • Replay Value 10

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