Parlor - Social Talking App

Parlor - Social Talking App

Parlor - Social Talking App review

Delilah Turner

Parlor is a social networking app. Parlor is a location-based app. Parlor allows users to chat with strangers. Users can also use Parlor to find friends. The app also allows users to “follow” other users. The app is free and allows users to post comments and photos. The app uses location-based services to connect users. A user can chat with other Parlor users in the same geographical area. The app also allows users to make friends with other people. Users can use the app to chat with others in the same area.


Parlor helps you to socialize with people who have similar interests to you. Users can talk on topics and express themselves in a way that they cannot on other social media platforms. There are many hundreds of thousands of users on Parlor, so users are always connected to one another.

From the Parlor app you can also connect with celebrities, as there is a feature which allows celebrities to post updates about their lives so that fans can talk to them, interact with them, and keep up to date with their lives.

As Parlor is a social media app, users are encouraged to be their true selves. Users have the choice to either keep their profiles private, or public.


Parlor design/layout is pretty simple but very effective. The fact that they are using the Google+ hangout feature is a stroke of genius and makes it easy for us to chat with anyone. The app is pretty simple to use, however, I'd like to see a few more features such as the ability to not just "like" or "dislike" a message, but to actually reply to them.


Parlor is easy to use and it's very fast to use. It's super-fast to connect with other users and start talking about your favorite subject.
The user interface is simple and easy to use. You just need to choose your favorite topic and you will be connected with another user in seconds.

Parlor allows you to easily discover new friends by choosing the topics that you are interested in.
There are many topics to choose from. You can find topics from games, movies, TV shows, celebrities, sports or even things that users are talking about at that moment.

Parlor is free to download in Google Play and App Store.

Parlor is the absolutely simplest app to use. Simply pick your topic and within a few seconds you will get connected to another user in real-time.

Cross-platform use

Parlor is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. It is also available in desktop browsers, so you can use it almost on any device.

In-app purchases

Parlor app does not have in-app purchases. It is a free app to download. It is a free app to use.


I think that having Parlor on your device is a must. It is a really good app and it is super-fast to use. You can connect with other users, express your opinion, and get connected with a topic that you love to talk about.
Parlor app is a great social networking app, that I recommend to everyone.

  • Interface 7
  • Menu and Features 9
  • Usability 8
  • Any glitches? 9

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