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It Takes Two

It Takes Two review

Frederick Clark

It Takes Two is a dynamic action-adventure game that was created by Hazelight Studios and released by Electronic Arts in March 2021. The game allows you to play together with your friend and solve different puzzles to save two main game characters. It Takes Two is not a free game, but it does not offer any additional purchases. You can download It Takes Two for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows platforms.

Gameplay: Solve Puzzles and Outrun Your Friend 9/10

It Takes Two is a game that tells you a story of parents who were going to have a divorse. Their daughter enchanted them into two toy versions of themselves. Now they have to team-up and complete a series of challenges to save themselves and become human beings again. Dr. Hakim is a guidebook that will help two characters to team-up. 

While playing, you will face many exciting puzzles. The game will allow you to shoot, fight, drive spiders, frogs, fight various garden creatures, escape from the moles, do skiing, and many more. There are a bunch of different and unique locations, each with its own enemies and unique puzzles. At the same time, all the riddles are not really complicated. It might take some time to solve them, but the game will definitely look fun.

Graphics: Do Not Forget to Observe the World While Playing 9/10

It Takes Two uses cartoonish graphics style, which combined with entertaining music creates an exciting atmosphere. Developers nicely detailed characters, their animation effects, and locations. Each location looks differently and has its own small objects. For example, the game room is full of various toys or colorful balls that are located all over the premises. While playing in the tree location, you can see some ants and ladybugs roaming the garden. The game has many small details that will definitely catch your attention and make it even more interesting to play.

Controls: Use Any Controller You Like 8/10

It Takes Two controls allows you to play with the help of the keyboard or gamepad. Players will be able to start with the easier puzzles to understand controlling better. It should be mentioned that you cannot play the game alone, so you will see the split-screen that will show both characters. In most cases, there will be different kinds of objects you will need to interact with to complete a certain level. But they will not be highlighted, so stay focused!

Replayability: Have Fun Anytime You Want 9/10

Due to the nice graphics and entertaining atmosphere, there are chances that you will want to replay the game with your friends. It is a great source of positive emotions because there are many mini-games or secret rooms that will allow two players to compete with each other. Sometimes it might be hard to find these rooms, but if you decide to replay the game, you may be more careful.


We recommend you to download It Takes Two because it is a fun game with an entertaining plot and exciting levels. The game is not free to download, but it allows you to play with your friend and complete multiple unique puzzles. The graphics look good, and you do not need a strong device to run the game.

  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 9
  • Controls 8
  • Replay Value 9

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