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My Talking Pet

My Talking Pet review

Eleanor Wilson

My Talking Pet is the app that was created for pet owners who love to take pictures of their cats, rats, and dogs, and send them to their friends. You can use various filters offered by the app or make a short video and add hilarious comments inside. The app was created by ShareMob. It is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. The app is highly praised by users.

Graphics 10/10

The design of My Talking Pet is simple and astonishing at the same time. It is made in vivid colors and attention to the smallest details. Photos of your pets will be at the center of your attention. If you have never used any apps before, you may start with this one. It is user-friendly and intuitive. Nothing distracts you from creating wit and funny videos and postcards.

Gameplay 10/10

My Talking Pet app allows you to give the voice to your pet. And even if you don’t have a pet, you can still make amazing videos and pictures. All you need is to download it on your phone. It has a free of charge period, and you may check out the following features:

  • Gigantic catalog of animals you can pick. This is a great option for those, who don’t have pets, but still adore animals;
  • Use your voice to synchronize it with your pet’s photo and video. If you don’t want to record your voice, pick one from the catalog;
  • You can easily change the sound of your own voice via the app. Whenever you need to make it sound like your pet, just put specific filters on it;
  • Decorate the image of the cat with an adorable hat, mustaches or cool glasses;
  • The app allows you to turn the image of the cat into the mobile assistant. He will remind you about upcoming appointments, voice the headlines of the news you are interested in, and even provide you a weather forecast;
  • Use the 3D graphics on your pet;
  • How cool can it be to send your friends messages with your cat talking?
  • Create memes by adding text to the photo.

Replay Value 10/10

You will not get tired of using the app. There are hundreds of opportunities for you and your friends. You don’t even need a pet to check it out. This app does not have an expiration date, and you may use it whenever you feel creative and eager to record video, voice the movie with your cat, send a postcard with a hilarious pet in the hat.

Controls 10/10

My Talking Pet does not require additional preparations for its use. You don’t even have to watch tutorials before you start. However, it would be beneficial for you to find out everything about the app’s features, so you can use all the tools in the arsenal. It is not hard to learn. All main options are located in the bar below the screen. You will find Settings in the top-right corner. Press the button and you will be able to arrange the app up to your needs. There are numerous icons in different colors. Every icon is understandable even for newbies.


My Talking Pet is an entertaining app made for pet owners or those who love to watch cute photos of animals. You may use the app to create videos with your pet or animal picked from a catalog. Voice the pet with your own text. Send the video to your friends or share it with everyone on social media.

  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 10
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 10

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