Genshin Impact Fans Rejoice: Ayaka Skin Leak Reveals Stunning Cryo Character Aesthetic

Genshin Impact fans are in for a treat with the latest leak revealing a stunning Ayaka skin. This comes after Lisa, the game’s 4-star Electro mage, was discovered to also have her own “Sumeru style” cosmetic. That's all the details we have so far on Ayaka's latest skin leak.

According to the leak, the Ayaka skin will feature a Cryo aesthetic, with the character wearing a white and blue outfit with a cape. The outfit also features a unique snowflake-like pattern that gives the character an ethereal look. In addition, Ayaka will also be equipped with a blue staff with a snowflake at the top.

The skin will also feature a unique set of emotes, with the character performing a variety of graceful moves that emphasize her Cryo abilities. Finally, the skin will also feature a unique set of voice lines that will be heard when the character is in battle.

While the Ayaka skin leak is still in its early stages, Genshin Impact fans are already buzzing with excitement. With a unique Cryo aesthetic and a set of emotes and voice lines, this skin could be the perfect way to show off Ayaka’s powerful abilities. For now, all we can do is wait and see if the leak is true