Navigating through the Realms of Fantasy: Top-5 Wayfinder Alternative Games

The world of gaming is a vast and varied canvas, teeming with unique experiences that aim to draw you into universes filled with creativity and wonder. Wayfinder, a beloved mixed-reality game, wowed gamers by seamlessly blending elements of the real world with an interactive, fantasy world. For fans of Wayfinder looking for similar immersive experiences, this article focuses on five alternative games that integrated augmented reality with their unique gameplay mechanics.

1. Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime game

Intro to Ingress Prime

One of the most innovative and immersive augmented reality games on the market, Ingress Prime, constantly challenges and tests the player's real-world navigation skills.

Gameplay and Story

Ingress Prime presents a dynamic and alternate reality where players, referred to as Agents, face off in a cosmic battle between two factions - The Enlightened and The Resistance. Gameplay involves players venturing into real-world locations, using the in-game map to locate and control "portals," which are usually associated with landmarks, artworks, or interesting architectural structures.


Ingress Prime boasts a narrative-rich, cyber-espionage setting awash with futuristic tech, secrets, and conspiracies, providing players with a cooperative multiplayer AR experience like no other.

2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite logo

Intro to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a spell-bounding AR game that takes players into J.K. Rowling's magical world, transforming everyday surroundings into a realm filled with magical creatures and characters.

Gameplay and Story

In-game players, referred as wizards, are tasked with preserving the Statute of Secrecy and preventing the Wizarding World's exposure by collecting Foundables, casting spells, and brewing potions. Players must explore real-world locations to discover and fight against magical creatures, unlock new abilities, and engage in wizard duels.


Every escapade in the game unfolds in a world familiar to the fans of the Harry Potter series, mirroring the magical environments seen in the books and movies - from Diagon Alley to the Forbidden Forest.

3. Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go logo

Intro to Pokémon Go

Arguably the game that popularized AR gaming, Pokémon Go allows players to step into the shoes of a Pokémon trainer and catch virtual Pokémon in the real world.

Gameplay and Story

Players travel through real-world locations to capture Pokémon which appear on their mobile device. Other features include gym battles, raid bosses, player versus player battles, and events. The goal is to "catch 'em all", evolve, and train your Pokémon to become the very best.


The game encompasses the entire world, where virtually every corner can be a habitat for various Pokémon.

4. Ghostbusters World

Ghostbusters World logo

Intro to Ghostbusters World

Calling all Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters World AR game springs forth with a fun-filled, ghost-hunting endeavor.

Gameplay and Story

Players take on the role of Ghostbusters to capture various ghosts populating their real-world environment. The game includes virtually all the ghosts from the Ghostbusters franchise movies, comics, video games, television shows, and theme parks. Top it off with real-time multiplayer battles.


The setting is an engaging real-world adventure, interspersed with familiar locations from the Ghostbusters universe.

5. The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead Our World game

Intro to The Walking Dead: Our World

Set in the gruesome universe of the popular TV show, The Walking Dead: Our World builds a chilling AR experience filled with zombies.

Gameplay and Story

As players, you are thrown into a world overrun by zombies. The objective is to fight them in AR-based battles, rescue survivors, and build safe havens. One can also team up with characters from the original series such as Daryl, Michonne, or Rick.


The setting of this game is a disturbingly realistic interpretation of a world succumbed to a zombie infestation.

Those were the top-5 Wayfinder alternative games. From catching elusive Pokémon to battling zombies in your neighborhood, each game provides a unique adventure using the AR feature, promising an immersive gaming experience. Happy playing and discovering new worlds!