5 Differences of CS:GO and TF2

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Team Fortress 2 are both team-based first-person shooter games. In both games, the objective is to eliminate all members of the enemy team, however, Team Fortress 2 has plenty of other interesting game modes. There are many differences between the two games, including the following:

1. TF2 has character classes with different abilities. CS:GO does not have character classes.

While in CS:GO each player has equal abilities and characteristics, in TF2, players can choose characters of different classes, each with their own weapons and abilities granted by these weapons. Also, classes have different amounts of HP.

2. You can find more exclusive maps in TF2 than in CS:GO.

In TF2 there are many maps that are not available in CS:GO, such as ‘2Fort’, ‘Gravel Pit’, and ‘Badwater Basin’.

3. TF2 is more complicated and tactical.

In TF2 there are many tactics and strategies that can be used to achieve victory. For example, a player can use a ‘rusher’ to enter the enemy base and cause a distraction or a ‘spy’ to stealthily infiltrate the enemy base and cause havoc. CS:GO does not have such tactics.

4. TF2 has more weapons.

In TF2, there are many weapons that are not available in CS:GO. These weapons are more creative too, including ‘Air Strike’, ‘Necro Smasher’, and ‘Rocket Launcher’.

5. CS:GO is easier to get into.

CS:GO is an easier game to get into than TF2. There is less depth in game modes and game types in CS:GO. All in all, CS:GO is a game for those looking for simpler gameplay.


In conclusion, there are a lot of differences between CS:GO and TF2 games. There are a few more differences that have not been mentioned, but the five differences that have been mentioned are the most crucial. Overall, CS:GO is less flexible than TF2 but it's easier to get into. TF2 has more fancy stuff, but first-time players may be overwhelmed by it for a time being.