Twisty Road!

Twisty Road!

Twisty Road! review

Frederick Clark

Twisty Road is a fun and easy to play game. It was published by two studious: Twisty Games and Voodoo. Users can install and download Twisty Road on the Android and iOS devices. It is worth saying in the beginning that this game has very addictive gameplay and pretty simple rules. 

Graphics 9/10

The graphics are straightforward. Most of the screen is black, with a bright road and ball. The game has many additional effects and animations. However, sometimes, obstacles visually merge a little with the main road, as the first and second have bright and saturated colors. 

Gameplay 10/10

The idea of the game is not new. However, the complexity and uniqueness of the game is not at all its idea. The thing is the perfect synergy of the work of all Twisty Road’s systems, including audio, high-quality graphics, captivating gameplay and a simple control mechanism.

Users control a small ball that rolls endlessly along a narrow road. And here all the fun begins. Firstly, the road, the path along which the ball rolls, is not at all straight and wide. It is very narrow with unexpected turns and unpredictable obstacles. 

Secondly, the speed of the ball is constantly changing, but the good news is that you can influence it. For example, slow down or speed up the ball, but an important nuance: you can not completely stop the ball. 

Thirdly, the pace of the game is quite fast, so you need to constantly focus on the ball. To distract you, the game shows how the path that you will need to follow will look further. This is one of the main traps. Many players begin to look ahead and defocus. Our strong recommendation: do not look ahead, focus on the ball, so you can go through a lot more levels. By the way, the game is divided into levels that are constantly becoming more complicated.

Replay Value 10/10

Believe us, the game is very addictive. You will play it again and again, sometimes you even lose the sense of time. Unfortunately, the maximum rating that we can give is 10, but if we could evaluate more, it would definitely be more!

Controls 10/10

The controls are very simple, similar to the gameplay rules. All you have is just two buttons on the screen,  a left one and a right one. By clicking on them, you can adjust the direction of your ball, it will go to the right or left.  Most of the way is a downward slope, however, there are sections with an upper slope. It is in such places, your speed will slow down significantly, and you need to learn how to maneuver correctly.


Twisty Road is an incredible game. It has a very addictive gameplay with simple and minimalistic visuals. Unfortunately, there are a lot of annoying ads that can confuse you. Users can download and install the game for free on the devices running on Android or iOS platforms.

  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 10
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 10

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