Mini Golf King - Multiplayer Game

Mini Golf King - Multiplayer Game

Mini Golf King - Multiplayer Game review

Eleanor Wilson

Mini Golf King welcomes you at the golf field. You can play with players from across the world. Take part in real-life matches and gather points and trophies to become No 1 golf player. The game lures you with a variety of colorful adventures and different golf fields. It was created by PNIX. This game became quickly popular internationally. You can download Mini Golf King for free on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Graphics 10/10

Mini Golf King has incredibly vivid graphics. The design of the game is one of the first things you notice. And the ability to travel across different fields makes everything even more exciting. There are slides, drawbridges, mazes, and pyramids. You will never get bored just by looking at these sceneries lit by the sun. The game offers you to explore the map, as you progress. Each site has its own benefits and unique features.

Gameplay 10/10

This is an online mini golf game, where you have to compete against other players. Call your friends to play with you, or compete with randomly picked players from across the world. The game contains numerous levels. Its main attractions:

  • PvP duels between players via the online multiplayer mode;
  • The game offers you to gather coins and various trophies from successful matches;
  • There are over 35 various golf courses you have to check out. They all are different, and fun to play on. Each of them requires unique skills;
  • Earning scores and coins allows you to access treasure chests. There you will find gold equipment for professionals, from gloves and balls to irons and drivers;
  • The game becomes more complicated with the new skills you master. Each level is getting harder and more interesting, so you will never get bored with Mini Golf King;
  • There is a weekly league promotion that allows raising your name in the leaderboard and competing against the professional players;
  • Mini Golf King offers you to become a champion after you win in three rounds of the tournament;
  • You may travel via over 50 different holes and earn special rewards and golden stars in the tour challenge.

Replay Value 10/10

There is no end in the Mini Golf King game. While you definitely progress and jump from one level to another, developers work hard to entertain players with fresh new tournaments and fields. There are dozens of levels. You can compete against your friends, or meet new international friends.

Controls 10/10

There are really intuitive controls in the Mini Golf King game. All you need to do is to swipe and release. That’s it, you make the strike. However, you still have to concentrate and watch your target. You can use various approaches to make the most direct moves. For example, you can try to calculate the distance or make a strike under different angles. The game is suitable for those who have never played in similar games. After a few minutes in the game, you will learn basic moves, which will be enough for the first levels, and with each new level, you will progress, mastering new tricks.


Mini Golf King is a mobile game for mini-golf fans. If you love mini golf or want to try yourself in this game, you can check out Mini Golf King. It starts with basic requirements from you. You don’t have even to know how to play. After some time you will become an experienced player.

  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 10
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 10

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