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Eleanor Wilson

Knives Out belongs to a battle royal game genre. It was released in November 2017 by NetEase Inc and Hong Kong NetEase Interactive Entertainment Limited. The game is available to play on five platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. 

Graphics – 10/10

Knives Out has high-quality and realistic graphics compared to other mobile games. The characters looked like real people, and the locations imitate not only the realistic landscapes but also the weather conditions. While playing, look at the sky, it has clouds! To tell the truth, it is a pretty rare feature in mobile games. 

Gameplay – 10/10

The main rule of Knives Out is “No Rules, Just Fight”. It may sound a little bit confusing, but it is true! If you think that without rules in the game, there will be real chaos, then you are mistaken. The developers decided to simplify everything so that nothing distracted the players from their main goal - to fight to win. 

As all battle royal games, Knives Out has a multiplayer mode, which allows hundreds of players to participate in the fight simultaneously. Players can group in teams to increase the likelihood of winning. The rules establish that a team can include only 5 people. Your task is to distribute the roles in the team so that you can successfully attack other teams, monitor your shelter, collect resources that are limited, and simply remain the last survivors in this fierce struggle. Since the game does not have battle rules, you can cheat to take resources or kill players from other teams. It is not necessary to be honest, on the contrary, use your dexterity and resourcefulness.

Knives Out has several creative and “fresh leisure” gameplays, such as Sniper Battle, 50V50, Team Fight, and so on. The only difference is the number of players can take participate in the battle. 

Replay Value – 10/10

Knives Out is a battle royal game. And this genre has a high score in the Replay Value section. Why? Because each game is different. The multiplayer mode allows hundreds of gamers to play, and it means that you need to adjust your strategic and tactic skills every time. 

Controls – 10/10

The game is available to play on the console and mobile devices. In the first case, you can use a joystick, keyboard, or mouse to control the characters. If we are talking about mobile devices, the only way to play on them is by using a finger and a touchscreen. Although Knives Out has a lot of options and features, the control mechanism is pretty simple. It is due to the fact that developers decided to use a lot of common commands and control patterns from other battle royal games. For more detailed instruction, you can browse the commands on the Internet or just see it on the Settings. 


Knives Out is one of the most played games in Japan. Its citizens spent more than $370 million on the game. To compare, Japanese players spent about $34 million on the PUBG mobile games in 2018. Download this legend game on your device today! 

  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 10
  • Controls 10
  • Replay Value 10

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