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FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer review

Eleanor Wilson

FIFA Soccer is a game for Android phones that simulates the world of soccer. The game can be played against computer-controlled opponents and in multiplayer mode over a Wi-Fi network. It is published by EA Sports, the same company behind games like "FIFA" and "NBA Jam". There are two types of modes in the game: "Career Mode" and "World Cup Mode". In the first, the player creates a team and plays matches as the team's manager. In the second, the player manages a national team and competes in the World Cup. The game is played in a 3D environment, and it is controlled with the touch screen or the trackball.
The game is rated highly by users and has generally received good reviews.


In the FIFA mobile soccer game, you can play using different existing teams or create your own one. You are not simply controlling players but you also  play role as the team manager. You can buy and sell players, train them to improve their skills and also change tactics for each match. You can play matches from the different leagues and cup competitions in FIFA mobile soccer. Every match is different in the FIFA mobile soccer game and you need to choose the right tactic for each match.


The game has 3D graphics, though they are made for mobile devices. They are not very good but they aren't bad either (on the low resolution). The game is not a visually stunning one as it focuses more on the gameplay aspect. The graphics are not bad, but they could have been better. I give them 6 out of 10. The graphics are good for the game.


In the gameplay map, you can press your player to pass the ball to your teammates.
The same map, you can try to shoot the ball.
If you touch the ball and you press your player to shoot, the ball will fly to the goal.
If you touch the ball and you press your player to pass, you can pass the ball to your teammate.
When your opponent and you are touching the ball, you can press your player to steal the ball.


FIFA Soccer is highly replayable because it is a multiplayer game and you always can play with your friends online. Another replayability reason is that you can play it almost everywhere because you need only your mobile phone


FIFA Soccer is a good mobile soccer game. It has good graphics and controls. You can play it with your friends online or offline. It is perfect for the casual soccer gamer.

  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 7
  • Replay Value 9

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