Demolition Derby 2

Demolition Derby 2

Demolition Derby 2 review

Frederick Clark

Demolition Derby is a dog-eat-dog racing game where you don’t only outdrive your rivals but also destroy them if you can. You are not the only one to break the rules, though, so prepare for a fight! Download Demolition Derby 2 and feel like a killer driver, or a driver killer!

Graphics 7/10

Games like this rely on physics and controls stronger than on realistic looks. Anyway, as cars are not officially licensed, it doesn’t make sense to draw them exactly like the prototypes. The landscapes are not drawn in fantastic fine details, but you have no time to stare as you’re pursuing your rivals or being pursued by them. As for car sounds, they may be a bit exaggerated, but they do their job of sounding like a battle, setting players up for more than just a race.

Gameplay 10/10

Demolition Derby 2 sounds like the name of a direct-to-video action movie from the early 1990s, and the feel is just that. You drive a car through races and places, outdrive rivals on sophisticated tracks, and push them hard, so they explode.

What way to prefer? It depends on your mission. There are both Demolition Arenas and Racing Tracks in this world (in three worlds, to be exact). So you can choose whether you cat like a pure fair driver, or you attack others to get them off by any means necessary.
The garage can place over 50 cars, and each of them can be upgraded with money you earn on races. You can customize the design or upgrade the engine and other components to move faster and stay stronger.

There is nothing truly original about Demolition Derby 2: you have seen it all in similar games. But it is made with some true drive that reaches into the heart. So this one is quite a candidate to be the default race in your phone.

Replay Value 9/10

If you like aggressive racing games like this, you will gladly spend days in Demolition Derby 2. It features 50+ vehicles, mostly cars, but the further you progress, the stronger and bulkier they get, and you can even get yourself a tank! Tracks are varying too, and so are your missions. Well, if you don’t want to donate, it will take long to unlock all the cars and try them all in action.

Controls 9/10

It’s one of those games that offer controls similar to desktop or console ones. If you have a gamepad to connect to your smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy it with quite a familiar layout for racing games. If not, it’s not much of a problem: the game offers onscreen controls as well. They are typical for racing games: forward, backwards, right or left, and that’s all. Make your way on tracks, hit other cars to make them explode, and feel the feedback as you drive!


Demolition Derby 2 is a very adrenalizing, action-packed game. It’s a dog-eat-dog race where you can upgrade and get yourself any machine up to a tank, where aggressive attacks are allowed, but the police are watching you, so speed and strength are equally important. Thrashy action is anything but dull, so is Demolition Derby 2.


  • Graphics 10
  • Gameplay 7
  • Controls 9
  • Replay Value 9

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