Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots

Choice of Robots review

Eleanor Wilson

In an age where interactive gaming is becoming increasingly visual and cinematic, 'Choice of Robots' emerges as a bold narrative-driven experience, reminding us of the power of the written word. This 300,000-word interactive sci-fi novel is the brainchild of Kevin Gold and stands as a testimony to the enduring allure of text-based adventures. Immerse yourself in a thirty-year journey that mirrors the evolution of your robotic creations and the profound psychological and philosophical pathways of your life.

The Architect of Life: Crafting Your Companion

'Choice of Robots' entrusts you with the incredible responsibility of playing God to a silicon creation. The game’s interface is minimalist, eschewing flashy graphics in favor of a clean, uncluttered text interface that allows your imagination to run wild. The initial setup is a slow burn, inviting you to establish the framework of your robotic companion. The decisions you make resonate on a granular level — from its appearance and functionality to its very essence that dictates how it interacts with the world around it.

A Brush with Humanity: Morality in Code

As the narrative unfolds, the game tackles the weighty ethical and moral questions of autonomy and sentience. Each choice steers you through challenging situations, exploring the consequences of man's venture into playing creator. The synchronization of the user interface with the story's tempo permits a seamless and intuitive decision-making progression, further enhancing the feeling that you are in complete control of your robotic dynasty’s fate.

Directions of Destiny: Steering the Story

The diversity of outcomes is where 'Choice of Robots' shifts into high gear, showcasing a spectrum of endings that range from the uplifting to the tragic. The game's usability is such that even non-gamers or those unfamiliar with the choose-your-own-adventure genre can confidently navigate the branching storylines. It is a commendable feature that reduces unnecessary complexity and focuses the player on the heart of the game: making choices.

Romantic Circuits: Exploring Love Beyond Flesh

'Choice of Robots' explores affection within and beyond organic life. The romantic possibilities within the game are as inclusive as they are intriguing, offering options for various orientations and preferences and providing a new facet to human and robotic interactions. It is refreshing to experience a game that acknowledges and incorporates such a breadth of relationship dynamics, affirming its player's identities and personal stories within its digital universe.

An Interminable Influence: The Echoes of Your Legacy

Beyond the act of creation is the contemplation of legacy — a theme deeply woven into the fabric of 'Choice of Robots.' The game questions the consequences of your technological progeny, from intimate relationships to global politics. With such a potent theme at its core, the game's longevity is secured not merely through its branching plots but through the lingering moral quandaries that it impressively instills within players long after they have set the game aside.

Groundbreaking Storycraft Meets Minimalist Aesthetics

Ending our analysis, we reflect on an experience positioned as a juggernaut of the interactive novel genre. 'Choice of Robots' is a harmonious blend of cerebral challenge and emotional journey wrapped in a package that respects the player's intelligence and imagination. Undoubtedly, the longevity of engagement and depth of customization delivers an experience many fans of narrative games will find hard to put down.


  • Compelling narrative with depth and variability; 
  • Inclusive romantic options that cater to a wide audience; 
  • User-friendly interface promoting ease of play for all; 
  • Decisions with significant weight affecting multiple storylines; 
  • Exceptional replayability through various paths and outcomes.


  • The absence of graphics and sound may deter some players; 
  • Overwhelming number of decisions can occasionally lead to decision fatigue; 
  • Reliance on text may not appeal to gamers seeking a more traditional video game experience; 
  • With so much text, fatigue may occur from prolonged reading.
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • Controls 8
  • Replay Value 8

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