YouTube Music interface Tweak Makes Its Homepage Brighter

Another minor tweak by YouTube Music makes its appearance much more pleasant to see. This small tweak makes the homepage colors brighter and livelier on both web interface and mobile apps. Despite being this minor, it may be the first step towards a bigger change in the appearance of the app and the service.

The first to spot this change was a Redditor named Lower-Biscotti who started the thread on Reddit on May 5. The screenshots attached to the post showed how the top of the usually dark or white YouTube Music app gets colored. The added color appears at the top of the app as a gradient that slowly fades down and covers the top bar and some of the first covers on the list.

The color is probably random and is not even defined by the wallpaper or the color scheme of the device. This is a bit disappointing because that doesn’t do the work of unifying the visual impression throughout all the apps on the device. Some Redditors suggest in the comments that it may depend on the time of the day and change constantly. It also changes as you relaunch the app manually. Still, the overall interface gets livelier with it.

The change is not of those you notice immediately, though it’s impossible to unsee once it has been shown to you. Yet we all know Google’s way of implementing minor upgrades one by one to make its apps (not only YouTube Music) significantly better than before. The same change, for example, has been spotted in the interface of Android Auto at about the same time.

If you haven’t got this update yet, it may be soon. Updates usually don’t take long. So maybe it will arrive on your phone or web interface within days or even hours. Have you noticed this change in your instance of YouTube Music already? Do you like it? Do you think it’s just a prelude to bigger changes? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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