Unveiling "Youth Group": A Horror Comedy Where Church Youth Battle Demons

A cadre of quirky demon combatants confronts evil forces in "Youth Group" - an innovative horror comedy reminiscent of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" meets "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina."

An incredulous teen finds themselves reluctantly part of a seemingly dull church youth group, only to uncover its true purpose as a clandestine cadre dedicated to battling demons, presented in an upcoming horror comedy graphic novel from First Second.

"Youth Group" comes from the creative mind of Jordan Morris, known for co-hosting the popular "Jordan, Jesse, Go!" podcast, with illustrations by the celebrated YALSA award-winning Bowen McCurdy. Ahead, we offer an exclusive sneak peek, but first, Jordan Morris gives us an insight into this intriguing new narrative...

"Youth Group" narrates the tale of a youthful cynic enlisted into a squad of demon combatants, excessively enthusiastic despite their lack of cool, operating covertly from her local church. Despite differing beliefs, they are compelled to unite against common demonic threats.

In our preview, Morris reveals, "This segment is among my preferred excerpts. Our gothic, skeptical protagonist, Kay, is on the verge of conducting her initial exorcism, aided by her overly optimistic Youth Group leader, Meg. Kay is referred to by the demons in our universe as a 'Blight,' immune to possession, thus making her a formidable foe. I adore the emotive detail in Bowen's illustrations here, especially the homage to an iconic scene from The Exorcist."

"Collaborating on this project was a dream come true, working alongside such a respectful and skilled author," Bowen McCurdy states in a separate comment regarding the graphic novel. "Jordan's characters are instantaneously charming and easy to empathize with, irrespective of their spiritual beliefs or demon-combating prowess. It's been an honor to visualize his engaging, humorous, and heartfelt tale."

"Youth Group" is released as a 256-page graphic novel by First Second on July 16, available in both paperback and hardcover formats.

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