Twitter Re-Enables Retweets, Likes on Posts with Substack Links

Twitter recently disabled the ability to retweet, like, and reply to posts that contained links from the newsletter platform Substack. This decision caused consternation among users and prompted a response from Substack itself. The issue appears to have been resolved, as Twitter has now re-enabled these features for posts containing links from Substack.

Twitter began disabling retweets, likes, and replies on posts with links from Substack over two weeks ago. This led to widespread confusion among those who use both platforms; many were unable to understand why they were suddenly unable to interact with content posted by others that contained Substack URLs.

In response to this change in policy by Twitter, CEO Hamish McKenzie wrote an open letter expressing his displeasure at being excluded “from the conversation” and urging Twitter not only to restore full functionality but also to clarify why they had made this decision in the first place. He noted that “the suppression of voices is never acceptable” and asked for an explanation as well as actionable steps that could be taken if similar issues arose again in the future.

Thankfully for those using both services together, it appears as though their pleas may have been heard; just days after McKenzie issued his statement about the issue, it was reported that retweets, likes, and replies were once again enabled on tweets containing Substack URLs - although when searching for "Substack" on Twitter still produces results related more towards newsletters than SubStack itself.


It seems then that this particular problem has been rectified, but it remains unclear whether or not Twitter gave any further explanation regarding why such measures were implemented initially or what actionable steps might be taken should something similar arise again down the line. Nevertheless, people are once more able to access content shared via SubStack without impediment through one of its major distribution channels – enabling conversations around topics, such as newsworthy insights or thought pieces shared via newsletters once again free-flow across social media platforms unimpeded.

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