Twitter Introduces Exclusive Spaces for Super Followers

The Super Follow feature on Twitter was not met with the expected enthusiasm. Most people still prefer to follow the influencers on a common basis, without paying more for just a Super Follower status. Now, Twitter introduces a feature that can make Super Following more rewarding: exclusive Super Follows Spaces and audio meetings for the narrow circles.

Super Follows was introduced to encourage creators on Twitter to generate more exclusive and precious content that would be worth paying for. So far, though, this effort did not pay enough yet. The regular following still prevails, and creators simply don’t have enough ways to provide exclusive content to Super Followers.

With this new addition, the situation may change a bit. Restricted Spaces audio meetings can deliver that personal touch that makes people pay for concert tickets rather than just enjoy their idols singing on Spotify. It’s a good platform for webinars, fan meetings, and any not-for-everyone discussions that are not supposed to stay in written form and remain open for everyone to follow and reply to years after. Its ephemerid nature can be overrun with recording, but Twitter has always been about the moment.

It's not enough to make a solid selling point for Super Follows, it seems. But step by step Twitter can develop Super Follows into one of its major revenue generators. As Elon Musk has said, Twitter after the acquisition will heavily promote subscription-based features and perks, and this enables content makers to benefit from this shift too. The only thing left for a creator to do is to establish a rapport with their audience so close that they’d willingly pay to get a bit more of it.

Would you Super Follow someone to be a part of exclusive Spaces? What would motivate you to pay to Super Follow someone? If you have something to say about it, welcome to the comments!


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