Space Marine II Beta Cancelled as Developers Focus on Final Preparations

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine II will not be having a public online beta. The game, which is set to arrive on PC and consoles on September 9, has been generating considerable excitement among fans. Many were eagerly anticipating a public online beta this summer to get an early glimpse of the action-packed sequel.

However, a recent announcement from developer Saber Interactive has revealed that the beta will not take place. In a Steam blog post, Saber Interactive explained that the decision was made to allow the team to concentrate on final launch preparations and necessary optimizations.

Saber Interactive stated that the game is nearly complete, and the team's current focus is on optimization, polishing, and addressing any remaining issues before the September 9 launch. Introducing a public online beta would divert the development teams from these crucial tasks, and their priority is to ensure the best possible experience upon release.

To compensate for the canceled beta, Saber has promised a Porphyr Shield Bolt Pistol skin to those who had signed up, which can be used when the game eventually launches.

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