Skull and Bones Far from Release as Testers Remain Unsatisfied

Skull and Bones was one of the most anticipated Ubisoft titles, but it seems its release has been pushed for the sixth time. Recently, Insider Gaming conducted interviews with ten people who had a chance to play the game for around six hours during a recent testing session. Most were not impressed by their experience, while some declined to take part in further tests - pointing out numerous bugs plaguing Skull and Bones and lack of content such as combat on land. This certainly suggests that fans won't be seeing Skull and Bones anytime soon. 

The testers interviewed by Insider Gaming told stories of issues they encountered while playing, which ranged from minor visual bugs to more serious problems like shooting glitches or mission-critical flaws in AI behavior. What's more, several participants expressed frustration at features within the game being incomplete or missing entirely; this includes base building elements which are allegedly absent even though they would have been expected prior to launch according to Tom Henderson’s earlier insights about Skull And Bones’ development process. Additionally, two anonymous developers suggested that even if the game is released within a few months, we should expect it no earlier than late 2023 due to how much work still remains unfinished on Ubisoft's side.  

Furthermore, despite significant investment into creating an immersive gaming world with diverse locations (from islands dotted around India to open seas) technology used isn't always up-to-date – with both visuals looking outdated compared to other games in similar genres, such as Sea of Thieves or Assassin’s Creed Black Flag adding onto what appears an overall lackluster experience reported by all those who tested it thus far. It also looks like Ubisoft canceled the industry media presentation scheduled for February first week, possibly due to them wanting further time to tweak critical components before showcasing it publicly, making any sort of official announcement regarding its release date look highly unlikely if current reports turn out accurate over time.   

All things considered, this latest setback proves just how challenging video game development can sometimes get, despite immense amounts of resources allocated towards projects aiming at pleasing audiences, both old-timers anticipating sequels or newcomers hoping for something fresh either way, good quality titles require dedication & flawless execution otherwise you end up with yet another disappointment, in this case, it looks like we won't get too see our skulking around sea raiding treasures anytime soon.

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