Nintendo Switch: The Weakness It Should Address First

What’s the biggest issue with Nintendo Switch? No, it’s not the lack of 4K: given its hardware, it’s an inevitable compromise. And not the poor optimization of some games: it can be addressed too by purely software means. But it’s the lack of storage that it has partly solved in Switch OLED but it can (and definitely should) not stop at this.

It sounds so archaic for a console that’s still in production to have those poor 32GB onboard. And though it has a slot for microSD, the performance of these cards is still wanting (partly that’s why major phone manufacturers started ditching it in favor of increasing onboard memory). Given how large Switch games are (Mortal Kombat 11 is 22.5GB, DC Universe Online is 24.1 GB, The Witcher 3 almost 32 GB, and NBA games reaching almost 40GB), players often end up with just one title installed or have to put up with microSD speed limitations and unreliability.

So, Nintendo marketers, as well as engineers, already have an answer to what future consumers will want most of all. Nintendo was always a bit aside from the spec race between Microsoft and Sony, relying on exclusive content and unique controls instead. And this probably should not be changed, given its position in the gaming industry. But storage is a versatile concern, and the more exclusive unbeatable titles you have up your sleeve, the more of it is required.

Gee, the company does not have to update a thing if it suddenly introduces a 1TB (or at least 512GB) version of Switch! It is sure to become an instant hit, given the large variety of exclusive games, many of which will not make it to the next generation Nintendo console. The number of Wii U games that didn’t make it to Switch (Xenoblade Chronicles X, anyone?) is the best proof of that.

So, would you buy Nintendo Switch with decent onboard storage if you have one already? Which other improvements would you like to see in this new version? As for the OLED display, did you like it when it arrived? Let’s propose some ideas in the comments!

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