Netflix Involves Subscribers in Screening of new Movies and Shows

Netflix learns from Hollywood. And not only in terms of throwing enormous budgets and getting world-class celebrities to star in its titles. Just like Hollywood does, Netflix screens its titles on customer-feedback panels to see how the audience reacts to certain elements of videos and shows. The reaction may prompt the producers to make changes before the release.

This seems logical for other reasons, too. First, Netflix has already demonstrated this approach with its software features, testing them on a small group of users before rolling out globally. That way it happened with its “Show Something” feature, an apotheosis of AI-assisted personalization, which had been tested on selected users before

Second, Netflix producers know how screenings may be crucial to not disappoint the viewer, as tries to cater to the widest audiences possible. There have been precedents of decisions that really saved the day. Some of the most famous Hollywood screenings resulted in building entire franchises (like the famous decision to remake the finale of The First Blood and let Rambo survive, which enables the studio to do sequels). Has Netflix already made one or more such radical changes?

We don’t know yet. Netflix spokespersons don’t share details, but what we do know is that viewers participating in these screenings, from the U.S. only, submit to a nondisclosure agreement. After that, they get to see certain movies and shows planned to release during the next six months, and then are surveyed. They answer what they did or didn’t like, whether they would change anything in the video, whether they find some content harmful, and whether they would recommend a certain piece to their families or friends. According to the responses, Netflix may make changes.

Would you like to participate in these screenings? Do you think they limit the creative freedom of the authors, or provide necessary feedback? Share your opinion with us in the comments!


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