Layers Deep: A Promising Indie Metroidvania Exceeds Funding Goals and Captivates Fans

The Hollow Knight-inspired Metroidvania looks predictably impressive, and with $40,000 it's fully funded on Kickstarter, drawing parallels to its muse. Indie studio Tall Order Games is vigorously crafting Layers Deep, an anticipated Metroidvania revolving around the escapades of a resilient little onion. The visual appeal is captivating.

Layers Deep delivers an enchanting combination of Hollow Knight-esque aesthetics and a distinctively Southern Gothic ambiance, offering a delightful indie treasure featuring everything from gratifying challenges to smooth exploration. This forthcoming Metroidvania, remarkably developed by just two creators, takes cues from other cherished media, such as the animated television miniseries Over the Garden Wall. However, Tall Order Games found inspiration beyond the show's content alone.

The game incorporates three stirring tracks from The Blasting Company, the folk band celebrated for Over the Garden Wall's soundtrack. Regarding gameplay, Tall Order Games describes Layers Deep as a "non-linear" journey where players embody a freshly sprouted onion, the namesake character. Instead of witnessing a world's decay, you'll ascend towards the surface, unlocking new areas and gathering upgrades throughout your adventure.

Boasting hand-drawn animations, meticulously painted backgrounds, and numerous objectives to achieve in its "homage to Metroidvania games," it's clear why Tall Order Games is committed to making Layers Deep with such meticulous effort. Should you wish to support the developers, you have just one day left to back their project on Kickstarter. Fortunately, it has already exceeded its funding target by several thousand dollars. Additionally, you can wishlist Layers Deep on Steam right now—an excellent addition to your radar before Silksong's release.

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