Kaiko Working on a Major Brand Project with THQ Nordic

A new and exciting project is coming from the studio Kaiko, known for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. The team at Kaiko specializes in remasters and aided in the development of Darksiders Warmastered Edition and Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition. Now, they are working on gaining more ambitious tasks for their upcoming game, which will be an action-adventure title owned by THQ Nordic. 

Founded in Germany back in 1990, Kaiko had a unique trajectory to success. Despite initially developing titles such as Gem'X, Apidya, or Software Manager - none of them being financially successful – THQ Nordic later acquired the studio in 2021. Consequently, the publisher decided to entrust it with an important integrated project that will help elevate both companies' reputations further. However, apart from being classified as an action-adventure game, there is not much information available about this new endeavor yet beyond speculation. 

One possible candidate that could fit this role might be Red Faction due to its previous remaster experience with RF Guerrilla, while other brands similarly managed by THQ Nordic have either already been taken up or proven too difficult to handle given the complexity of their development cycles; such as Darksiders whose fourth part would most likely go under Gunfire Games portfolio instead according to previous statements made by both parties involved so far.  

Yet even though there is mysteriousness surrounding this topic, one thing can be firmly established-Kaikos ambition knows no bounds when it comes down to meeting expectations placed upon them ever since their acquisition took place. With Kingdom Of Amalur used as a solid foundation, its logical leap into something much larger following after it surely marks an interesting turn of events for any fans interested in seeing how this story unfolds next! 

All things considered, we are patiently awaiting more news about what lies ahead for these two giants! Will our guess about Red Faction prove right? Or maybe some other surprise awaits us? Only time can tell!

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