iOS 16.4 Update Brings New Emoji, Web App Notifications, and More

Apple just released its iOS 16.4 update, bringing with it several new features, including 21 new emojis, push notifications from Safari web apps on the Home Screen, voice isolation for cellular calls, and more. This latest update brings a host of useful features to iPhone users that can help improve the way they use their devices.

One of the most exciting additions in this update is the selection of 21 new emoji available in the emoji keyboard. The new icons range from animals like moose and goose to hand gestures and objects like pink hearts and Wi-Fi symbols. These additional characters allow users more ways to express themselves through messages or even posts on social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat.

While adding a bit of fun with these emojis, Apple also included some great improvements in this release as well; one such feature is push notifications for Safari web apps directly on your Home Screen. This makes it easier than ever before to quickly access important information from web applications you may frequently use without having to search through your browser history every time you need them. Additionally, Voice Isolation has been introduced for cellular calls, which will help reduce background noise when making phone calls on iPhone models 14 and up so that conversations are clearer than ever before.

Other updates include a Duplicates album in Photos which helps detect duplicate images or videos stored across iCloud Shared Photo Library albums; an Accessibility setting that dims video automatically when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected; improved Ask To Buy requests between parents’ devices; bug fixes related to Matter-compatible thermostats becoming unresponsive after pairing them with an Apple Home device; as well as Crash Detection optimizations specifically designed for iPhone 14 & 14 Pro models respectively.

In conclusion, Apple's iOS 16.4 update brings an array of improvements across different platforms ranging from user experience enhancements such as Push Notifications for Safari Web Apps all the way down to specific optimization tailored towards specific iPhone models, making this one truly comprehensive upgrade!

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