Instagram Doesn’t Like You Reposting Videos from TikTok to Reels

What’s the success of Instagram about? Adam Mosseri, the founder and the CEO of the platform, says (quite correctly) that it’s about creators. Those making videos and photos on Instagram should be protected from unfair rivalry. That’s why Instagram implements a new policy against those who just repost content from other social media, for example, TikTok.

It’s no secret that Reels by Meta is a response to TikTok with its short vertical videos that took the world by storm. Still, it relies on original content like any other social media to attract more visitors and become more popular and efficient. So, if the originality of content suffers because of reposting loads of TikTok videos (which are so perfectly compatible with Reels), something has to be done about it.

The decision articulated by Mosseri was typical for Meta-owned social media. Instead of implementing strict prohibitions, Instagram will downrank active TikTok reposters. The watermark on the videos from TikTok will be detected by the AI. This whip is not very painful for any given “non-creator”, but after a while, it will downrank the entire mass of reposters and give more space to those with original content.

When it comes to carrots for creators, one of them is product tags. If you advertise some particular product of your own or of your partners’, you can add a product tag that redirects the visitors right to the product’s page. There they can learn more about it and make a purchase.

Another addition is categories for creators. If you promote your account within a certain category (as a fashion model, a travelogue, or a DJ), you can have this category automatically added as a tag. So your posts will appear more often in the feeds of interested users.

Do you prefer original content on Instagram? Are you a content maker, an advertiser, or mostly a viewer? How do you think these innovations will change the environment on Instagram? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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