How Genshin Impact Went Manga (and Why the Lore Isn’t Complete Without It)

If you are a Genshin Impact player, you know how the developers introduce new characters, locations, and quests with every patch. Everything seems clear from the narrative… But it only seems so. It’s the story of Collei, introduced in the recent patch, that may make you want to read the origin. And it’s in the manga that’s been there even before the game.

The manga series was issued in 2018-2020. No, there’s no mistake. The official Genshin Impact manga series preceded the release of the game. In this manner, Hoyoverse (then known as miHoYo) prepared the future players to what they will see. Until now the game managed to deliver all the messages it had to without any external media. But now, with the introduction of Collei, the story needs some support.

And the manga has it. The story of Collei, previously kidnapped by It Dottore, one of the Fatui leaders, and making their acquaintance with the rest of the team as she escapes, is fully revealed when you read the manga and play the game in parallel. Indeed, this approach well works for the rest of the game, and soon we may see both the new turns in the game narrative and some new manga issues.

Though it’s official and available for free on the Genshin Impact website, we recommend you using alternative sources, like Tapas. The problem is, the last three chapters are not available in English officially, but they have been translated by fans. So you still can read and enjoy it, even if Hoyoverse never gets to finish the work. Oh, what if this approach could be applied to the game itself! Alas, all the mods available now only impact (pun intended) the appearance of characters and some items.

Have you read the Genshin Impact manga? And did you follow the links after seeing them? What do you think about the story around which the game is built? Share your impressions and opinion (about both the manga and the game) in the comments!

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