Helldivers 2 Team Decides to Slow Down Update Rollouts for Quality Assurance

Helldivers 2 will experience a slowdown in the issuance of new updates "to preserve the level of excellence we aim for and you merit."

The creators behind Helldivers 2, Arrowhead, have indicated plans to decelerate the rollout of future updates to uphold their quality standards.

Within the Helldivers official Discord channel, community manager Twinbeard responded to queries about the timing of the upcoming update with, "When it's completed."

Arrowhead has reportedly faced challenges in meeting the demands of the game's rapid success since its debut, prompting the team to allow more time between updates.

"We're opting to allocate additional time for the forthcoming update and possibly for subsequent ones as well, considering the pace has been somewhat brisk to sustain the high-quality benchmark we strive for and that you are entitled to," stated Twinbeard.

Just a day prior, when discussing weapon balance issues in Helldivers 2, Twinbeard mentioned Arrowhead's need for "additional time," with an assurance that "We're in the process of refining it." Today, Twinbeard reiterated a focus on the overall pace of releasing updates for Helldivers 2.

"Rapid patch releases can complicate workflow and consume more resources than anticipated, necessitating careful planning, execution, observation, and possibly immediate adjustments," Twinbeard explained. "We'd rather extend the intervals slightly, aiming for a positive outcome."

In response to inquiries about whether updates will follow a bi-weekly or monthly schedule, Twinbeard stated that the frequency remains undetermined. "It's something we need to experiment with and assess. For now, we believe a reduced pace will serve the interests of our team, our audience, and the game itself."

Following a series of balance updates that were met with less than favorable reviews, Arrowhead announced its consideration of test servers as a way to gather player feedback before rolling out patches across the entire game. This approach, along with a more measured update schedule, is intended to satisfy players and prevent the developers at Arrowhead from overextending themselves.

The CEO of Helldivers 2 has expressed a desire for the interstellar conflict to persist "indefinitely," even if it means eventually "retiring" the game and assigning an AI to oversee the gameplay.

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