Halo: Infinite Launches Campaign Co-Op Preview This July

One of the things Halo: Infinite campaign mode lacked (among all) was a cooperative option for the campaign mode. The developers from 343 Industries have heard the complaints, and soon beta testers will try how it performs in co-op. Among other things to come, the developer names the ability to replay campaign levels which wasn’t available at launch.

Beta testing is scheduled on July 11 – July 22, according to what the developer states. Anyone who has the game with the campaign mode can join in. What’s also required is an active Xbox Game Pass subscription and (for consoles) the Xbox Insider app which enables access to experimental features and test participation.

If you are lucky to participate in the testing, though, you’ll need to start the campaign all over. Your previous saves can’t be loaded in this mode. Similarly, the progress you make in the testing mode won’t be saved as you switch to the retail version of it. Within the testing mode, though, the progress you make in the co-op mode can be transferred to solo mode. The crossplay is active across all the platforms supported, that is, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

So far, it’s not known exactly when the co-op mode will be available publicly. According to the roadmap by 343 Industries, the release may take place in late August. Yet nothing is for sure, as long as the testing phase isn’t over. Also, 343 Industries announces replayable levels in the campaign mode – the feature many players have been requesting from it, as it has been present in all the Halo titles before.

Do you prefer playing solo or in a team when it comes to games like Halo? Are you an active beta tester for new game features, or do you prefer them stable? And what do you think of Halo: Infinite in general? Welcome to the comments, where you can share anything you want to say!


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