Google Announces End of Support for Nest Secure and Dropcam Home Security in 2024

Google recently announced the end of support for its Nest Secure and Dropcam home security systems. Starting April 8, 2024, users will no longer be able to use their Nest products as they do now. Until then, all current features will remain available and can be used as normal. The announcement marks the end of a successful partnership between Google and Nest that began in 2014 when the company acquired the smart home brand for $3 billion.

The news does not come as a surprise, given that both products have been outshined by newer competitors over time. Despite being highly successful when first released, more recent offerings from other providers have pushed them out of relevance due to their limited capabilities compared to modern devices on offer today. By announcing an official discontinuation date now, Google is giving customers ample time to prepare for a switch before it happens officially next year in April 2024.

The Dropcam home security system was launched by Nest Labs back in 2014 and was acquired by Google in 2014 as well. It provided users with an easy way to monitor their homes from anywhere using their smartphones or tablets. Google's decision to end support for this product marks the end of an era for those who relied on it to keep their homes safe and secure over the years.

The Nest Secure is a home alarm system that was released by Nest Labs back in 2017. It offered several features, including motion detection, activity zones, two-factor authentication, tamper alerts, etc., which made it one of the most advanced home security systems available at that time. However, due to changes in technology over time, these features are no longer as effective as they once were and hence have become obsolete now. As such, despite being popular amongst many users before 2020, after April 8th, 2024, they will no longer be able to access any updates or new features from this product either.

Those who are still using either product or considering investing in them soon should note that all current features will remain available until April 8th, 2024, so they won’t miss out on any important updates or changes during this period if they choose not to switch just yet. Additionally, customer service provided by Google regarding these products will also continue until then, so there's no need to worry about getting help with your device after the end date arrives next year either.


Google's decision comes at a time when newer competitors are offering better value propositions than ever before with advanced motion detection functions along with night vision capabilities, making them ideal alternatives even while taking into account cost constraints faced by most consumers today. All existing features on both Nest Secure and Dropcam. However, will remain functional until their discontinuation day arrives, which gives everyone plenty of time to make necessary arrangements without feeling rushed into decisions about replacing them immediately.

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