Dark and Darker: Last Playtest Before Early Access Launch

Ironmace Studios has announced that the much-awaited subterranean hack-and-slash game Dark and Darker will have one last playtest before its early access launch. The final session is scheduled for April 14th to 19th, giving players another chance to explore this highly anticipated title.

After its success in the recent Steam Next Fest, Dark and Darker received a lot of attention from both veteran gamers and newcomers alike. As part of their development process, Ironmace launched multiple playtests to gather feedback from the community. The latest test was especially helpful as it gave developers useful insights on how to proceed with development but also raised important questions that needed further investigation.

To answer these questions, Ironmace decided to do one more round of playtesting in April before entering early access phase. According to them, this upcoming session will include some “pretty substantial additions” compared to previous tests - thus requiring more time for preparation. Despite being disappointed at having an extended downtime between tests, fans can rest assured knowing that Ironmace is taking all necessary steps towards launching a polished version of the game into early access soon enough.

This upcoming test will be the fifth overall since the start of development process; prior sessions were open only for selected players or limited by geographical region – something which won’t be happening this time as it is available globally without any restrictions or reservations whatsoever! Thanks to this opportunity, many people who couldn’t try out earlier versions now get to explore the world of Dark and Darkerer with no limitations whatsoever!

At the same time, Ironmace have expressed their gratitude towards their players for helping them further develop the game through these playtests and hope that everyone enjoys their next experience even more than before. So get ready for an epic journey into a world full of monsters and treasures!

All in all, Ironmace's decision to run another round of playing testing is sure to please many eager gamers who want nothing more than an immersive gaming experience offered by Dark and Darker. There is still much work left to do until its eventual release, but with each successful test comes another step closer towards making it available sooner rather than later!