Call of Duty: Warzone/Vanguard New Season Roadmap Disclosed

The new seasons of two Call of Duty games – Warzone and Vanguard – will be full of new content. According to the roadmap published by Activision, both games will receive lots of updates as the season unfolds. That includes new maps, modes, weapons, rewards, and other stuff we usually expect from a new season in such a detailed action game.

The main addition to Warzone is a new map named Fortune’s Keep, with a small town, a pirate cove filled with supplies, a medieval fortress, and a winery with a rich cellar. Not only will it look fantastic but it also offers two new types of features: Black Market Rum Contract (providing rich rewards once complete) and Cash Extraction (just what it says on the tin).

It will be available along with the already existing Caldera and Rebirth Island. Caldera, though, also is undergoing serious changes that the players will notice, but it still looks gorgeous. It has a new POI named Storage Town, which isn’t that new already but familiar to old franchise fans.

As for Vanguard, it introduces a map with a battleship. It’s called USS Texas 1945, and you can fight on its decks or inside of it. Along with it, the Blueprint Gun Game is back. The most impressive addition, though, is a new game mode on a familiar map; that will be a round-based Zombies game in the swamps of Shi No Numa.

In both games, there will also be new weapons and vehicles. One submachine gun and one LGM are available from the beginning. Two more weapons. An assault rifle and a dagger (looking predate!) need to be unlocked by completing quests.

The cinematic trailer of the new season (called Mercenaries of Fortune) shows that it will be even more action-heavy than usual. Suppose it’s possible in a Call of Duty game, of course. Though the season started on June 22, it’s not too late to join it even later. Missions and rewards are still available for those ready to go for it. Are you ready? Or already in? If so, share your impressions with us in the comments!

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