16 Google Play Apps Will Be Removed Due To Excessive Battery Drain and Data Usage

It became known that Google removed 16 applications from the Play Store due to the fact that they drained battery life too quickly and used too much Internet traffic. The report indicates that all of these apps are suspected of being fraudulent activity because they opened ads in the background. All these applications were installed about 20 million times by the users before they were removed from Google Play.

Each of these scam apps came from the utility category and offered various useful functions, including turning on the flashlight on the phone, scanning QR codes, performing various measurements, and more. These apps include Ez Notes, Instagram Profile Downloader, Quick Note, EzDica, Flashlight+, K-Dictionary, Smart Task Manager, High-Speed Camera, Currency Converter, BusanBus, and Joycode.

All of these applications were found to open various links regardless of user actions without any notification or warning, which is regarded as an ad fraud. Such applications, due to the fact that they were active in the background, in addition to undesirable actions, drained the battery and spent Internet traffic.

Google has taken all necessary measures in connection with this incident. It is reported that in addition to the fact that they were removed and blocked in the Play Store, they were also blocked on users' devices. This event became quite loud due to the fact that the protection of the Google application platform is quite strong, but they somehow managed to bypass it.

Do you trust the apps you download from Google Play Store? Do you think the company will strengthen its security system after such an incident? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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