Master the Art of Artifact Hunting in Ghostrunner 2

Hidden among the intriguing architecture and fast-paced combat of Ghostrunner 2, a multitude of collectible artifacts lay waiting for players to uncover. These artifacts, however, are only sometimes in plain sight and require an attentive eye to discover them all. Allow us to guide you through the neon-lit world of Ghostrunner 2 and unravel the locations of these souvenirs from the cyberpunk reality.

The Initial Findings: Chapter 1 Artifacts

The Initial Findings Chapter 1 Artifacts

As you step into the game, you'll encounter the first chapter titled "Uninvited Guests," a suitable introduction to artifact hunting. After performing the 'parry' action, you unravel your first artifact, the Recruitment Flier, hidden in a ventilation shaft, followed by an Energy Drink in the container room. Amongst the stacked containers, you'll discover a crate withholding Alternate Currencies. As you progress, you'll come across a vibrant sign; be sure not to enter, but slide right and walk on the left wall to find Tarot Cards. Finally, near the Challenge Terminal, you can savor the unconventional delight of the Grilled Rat Meat artifact.

Familiar Grounds: Chapter 4 Artifacts

As you traverse the alleys and high rises of Ghostrunner 2, chapter 4 greets you with new challenges and artifacts to uncover. Search the lobby area for a boost pad, use it to reach the top of a building, continue along the billboard, and maneuver through a ventilation shaft - Your reward, the Video Tape artifact, emerges. To get the Ghostrunner Miniature, make your way to the second terminal, deactivate the laser barrier, tackle enemies, and slip through lasers to find the hidden treasure. Lastly, hack the terminal and pop balloons that lead to the DIY Toy artifact.

Digging Deeper: Chapter 5, 7, and 8 Artifacts

As the quest intensifies, so does the effort required to locate the artifacts. In chapter 5, "Behind the Curtain," you'll get the Phantom ability crucial to gathering the Mask of the Arcane Sacrifice. Chapter 7 introduces Shuriken, a vital skill to unlock grapple points, leading to hidden treasures like Holotat and EMP Grenade. Chapter 8, on the other hand, demands quick reflexes as you dodge a shielded enemy to find the Electric Handcuffs.

Reaching New Heights: Farther Chapters Artifacts

the Reaching New Farther Chapters Artifacts

From Chapters 10 to 18, the hunt challenges your perseverance and skill. With shrewd use of Shuriken, you unveil a Weathered Ring and a Dynamo Lighter in Chapter 10. In Chapter 11, brave the three towers to find unusual artifacts like underwear and Environmental suits. Deeper into the game, unlock the wingsuit to find the Grappling Hook in Chapter 17 and pills in the final challenge of Chapter 18.

Embarking on the Ghostrunner 2 adventure is not just about challenging combat and parkour sequences; it's also about the thrill of hunting hidden artifacts. Uncovering these artifacts adds to the depth of the gaming experience, bringing you closer to the heart of this cyberpunk masterpiece. Happy hunting!

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