Total Pokedex Achievements in Pokemon GO: The Ultimate Guide

For anyone embarking on the exhilarating journey to catch them all in Pokemon GO, there's a continuous sense of adventure and discovery. With the dynamic nature of Pokemon GO and an ever-expanding roster of critters to capture, the quest for a completed Pokedex is one that evolves just as much as our favorite Pocket Monsters do. But with new Pokemon springing up in the game with surprising frequency, the question that persistently arises is: "How many Pokemon are actually there in Pokemon GO, and how can I track my progress toward a completed Pokedex?"

Current Total and The Challenge of a Full Pokedex

Current Total and The Challenge of a Full Pokedex

In the world of Pokemon GO, as of the latest updates, there are a total of 840 Pokemon that Trainers can strive to catch. Completing this Pokedex is a feat that involves not only catching a myriad of region-specific Pokemon but also participating in various in-game events. The game mimics the spirit of the original series, encouraging exploration, trading, and collaboration with fellow Trainers around the globe.

Recent Newcomers and Elusive Finds

It's an exciting time in Pokemon GO as new faces join the fray. Recently, Trainers have been delighted by the introduction of creatures such as Drampa and the electrifying duo Varoom and Revavroom. Keeping track of the new entries deserves attentive monitoring—here's a list of the latest Pokemon contributing to the constantly increasing Pokedex count:

  • Drampa
  • Varoom
  • Revavroom
  • Annihilape
  • Wyrdeer
  • Cetitan and Cetoddle
  • And many more

The Gap Between Generations

The Gap Between Generations

Though the number of catchable Pokemon in GO is growing, there are still those that remain out of reach within the wider context of the National Pokedex, which sits at 1,025 members following Pokemon Scarlet and Violet updates. Below is a condensed breakdown of generation gaps:

Generation Available in Pokemon GO Not Released
Alola (Gen VII) 69 17, including Mimikyu and Necrozma
Galar (Gen VIII) 15 74, including the Galarian Starters and Legendaries
Paldea (Gen IX) 35 84, including the new three starter lines

What Pokemon Might Be Slipping Through Your Fingers

When surveying the expanses of your digital Pokedex, you may notice some gaps. These could be due to elusive regional exclusives or Pokemon that appear during particular events or as part of special research tasks. The trickiest ones to pin down often include:

  • Regional Pokemon such as Tauros or Relicanth, which are found only in specific parts of the world
  • Pokemon tied to unique in-game events or research tasks
  • Ultra Beasts that debut in special circumstances

It's important to stay engaged with the game's news and updates to grab these special Pokemon as they become temporarily available.

What Pokemon Might Be Slipping Through Your Fingers

Achievement Tips for Pokedex Completionists

Fret not, aspiring Pokedex champions! Although the challenge is substantial, the sense of achievement that comes with completing your Pokemon GO Pokedex is immeasurable. Here are some tips to close the gaps and hit that magical completion number:

  • Stay active during events for a chance to snag hard-to-find Pokemon.
  • Be persistent with Adventure Sync to earn exclusive Eggs with potentially rare hatches.
  • Engage in battles with GO Rocket to rescue their Shadow Pokemon.
  • Keep an eye on Field Research tasks and Research Breakthrough encounters for unique rewards.
  • Join local community groups to meet, trade, and cooperate with fellow Trainers.

Be patient and proactive, and eventually, you'll find yourself standing proud with a complete Pokedex in Pokemon GO. Happy hunting!

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