Top 10 Health Apps for iOS & Android

Your smartphone is a great source of entertainment content, but why not use it as a smart health tracker as well? Lifestyle diseases are on the rise due to the low average physical activity of modern people, so employing technology to control your diet, exercise, and body parameters is a great idea. Below are the top 10 iOS and Android apps for that.

1. MyFitnesPal

Using this versatile app, you can log your activities, track progress, set weight goals, control your nutrition, and even cook together with a 6-million recipe cooking book. It’s very easy to use and gather all the info you need in one place.

2. Home Workout

Don’t have any workout equipment at home?  No problem! This app has a huge selection of workouts with animated instructions that require only your body and time.

3. Strava

If you lack the motivation to stay fit, Strava will help you stay in competition with other users and work harder to stay on top of the leaderboards. Here you can join clubs, take challenges, and train together with pros.

4. Google Fit

This free app is a great health hub that is connectible to any wearable device out there. It has all the essential fitness tracking features, including goals, progress, and analysis.

5. Fabulous: Daily Routine Planner

If you need help with building healthy habits, this science-based app will motivate and guide you to your goals. Using the app, you can achieve weight goals, improve sleep quality, and even fight anxiety by changing your routines.

6. Headspace

Mental health is the most important thing for everyone. This app can help you check the state of your mental health and practice guided meditations to deal with anxiety, stress, and other conditions.

7. Sleep Cycle

This app is taught to track your sleep automatically and wake you up at the best time to let you feel more energized and rested.

8. MyTherapy

Forgetting to take the medication is very easy. Fortunately, you can enable this app to remind you about time, dosage, etc. Besides, it can track your weight, mood, and symptoms to share them with your therapist later.

9. StrongLifts

Strength training requires a specific approach and this app is designed to make your records much simpler and exercises more intuitive. The app is friendly for both newcomers and experienced weight lifters.

10. MySugr

This is the best app for tracking sugar levels if you have diabetes. The app has an informative dashboard and can create reports for you and your doctor. Besides, you can connect it with Accu-Check meters.

Take Care

With a bunch of health apps from this listing, you can drastically change your lifestyle and move towards your health goals more confidently. Which apps would you download today? Tell us about it in the comments and share the listing with friends.

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