The Best Games for PC That Will Not Leave You Indifferent

The year 2023 promises an array of riveting new PC games, with both high-profile launches and undiscovered treasures heading our way. Our task happens to be identifying the best gaming experiences to look out for in the year.

PC gaming is perpetually leading the charge in the gaming industry, ceaselessly evolving in both tech and artistry. Expect brilliant graphics, a vast genre spectrum, and a rich variety in the list of games – all typical attributes of a PC game package. As a matter of fact, PC games offer a limitless mix – right from indie smash-hits that have taken the world by storm to blockbuster games that have ensnared millions of hearts, from timeless stalwarts to the latest gaming crazes. Thus, it prompts the question – what PC games should we consider the best?

In our TOPs, we have some fresh off-the-press games, a handful of old but gold ones worth revisiting, and a sprinkling of covert wonders. This assortment mirrors our team's current gaming inclinations – while not vouching to be an exhaustive list of the all-time greatest games, it does possess quite a few overlaps.

Everyone has their unique gaming tastes – fortunately, PC games cater to all whims and fancies. Nonetheless, we are overjoyed to share our top picks and spotlight a handful of games we believe will make excellent additions to your repertoire.

If you're new to PC gaming or just looking for new platform games, you've come to the right place. Let's take a look at some of the best PC games that 2023 has to offer.

Mass Effect

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition, undeniably one of the best PC games ever, brilliantly revitalizes the original trio of Mass Effect games that originally graced the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. However, this is not merely a refreshed graphical upgrade designed for modern consoles and high-powered PCs.

This revamped version isn't stuck in nostalgia – it has innovatively integrated a series of enhancements that improve gameplay quality, offering a smooth and immersive experience. The unwieldy elements from the first game have been effectively eliminated in this edition. An added bonus is that it includes all the DLC content from the entire trilogy, barring just one missing piece from the inaugural game, thereby establishing the Legendary Edition as the ultimate way to experience the Mass Effect journey.

As one of the most popular PC games that you should definitely play right now, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is more than just an action-packed science fiction RPG. It is a testament to Bioware’s knack for crafting memorable narratives, hereby reaffirming its status. If you're wondering about what great games to play on your PC, make this massively interesting game your number one choice!

Microsoft Flight Simulator

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No other top PC games on our list grant you the entire world as your gaming arena, but Microsoft's latest flight simulator makes that audacious dream a reality. This game stands out in terms of scale and an impressively detailed spectrum of aircraft at your disposal, thus placing it among the most famous PC games ever.

Whether you fancy being a solo hobbyist pilot in a light aircraft or the commander of a sizable commercial jet, this game caters to all. It earns its place as one of the must-have PC games in 2023 due to its meticulous modeling of flight dynamics, influenced by real-time weather and light effects. It's as close as one can get to piloting these beasts without physically setting foot in a real cockpit.

Whether you're an aviation enthusiast eager to get hands-on with every intricate setting and control of your aircraft or a casual gamer who simply wants to glide around marveling at the world's landmarks or landing at one of the game's numerous accurate airports, this simulator has it all. So, if you are on the hunt for the top games to play right now that present an out-of-the-box experience, this flight simulator should be soaring high on your list.

Apex Legends

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Years after its release, Apex Legends is still among the best-selling games of all time and arguably the best battle royale game of all time. This game truly shines for its innovative approaches that elevate vital aspects of the genre. If you're wondering about the best PC games out now, Apex Legends stands tall in the arena.

With unique features like the ability to nominate a leader to steer your squad during the tense initial drop, ensuring unity and coordination, the game sets itself apart. Its 'ping system' exemplifies seamless communication with companions in a dynamic context.

This adrenaline-packed game even provides audacious or clever survivors with the opportunity to resurrect their fallen comrades back into the heat of battle. And yes, there's a highly entertaining robotic character boasting a grappling hook that surpasses almost all other characters in different character-driven online shooters in terms of sheer fun. So Apex Legends certainly takes the lead as one of the top-played PC games.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition

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Presented with all its DLC content, this version offers the most definitive experience of this riveting open-world adventure, making it one of the best PC games out right now. Set amidst the backdrop of an ambiguous apocalyptic event within the United States, human tribes strive for existence amidst the monstrous robotic creatures who now inhabit the land. Meanwhile, Aloy, an ostracized figure, is set on achieving extraordinary feats, putting the game amongst the top games for the PC to delve into.

Combat against human foes with similar weaponry – spears, bows, and slingshots, offers a level playing field. However, challenges ramp up when you confront gigantic machines that demand tactical thinking and strategic maneuvering, making it one of the best games out now.

A gripping narrative anchors the game, efficiently elucidating the world and its dystopian transformation, providing a captivating experience. Yet, it is the exploration of gorgeous yet deserted cityscapes overtaken by flora, the thrill of hunting down formidable robotic predators using traps and head-on assaults, and the exhilarating triumph following a drawn-out, fraught battle that secures Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition place among the best games to play right now.

Cult Of The Lamb

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Blending elements of RPG with colony simulation, Cult Of The Lamb masterfully melds adorable aesthetics with strikingly grim undertones, creating one of the most fun PC games offering a uniquely entertaining experience. You assume the role of an unsuspecting lamb that undergoes gruesome sacrification, only to be resurrected by a rather ruthless ancient god tethered in the underworld, compelling you to raise a cult in its name. Obliging, you find yourself engaging in surprisingly engaging administrative tasks.

Intent on quenching your thirst for vengeance, you find yourself gallivanting across diverse Roguelite dungeons, combating opposing cultists utilizing semi-random weaponry and distinct curse capabilities, including dispatching a surge of tentacles bursting from the ground. These dungeons serve a dual purpose, hosting confronting boss battles while also providing you with the means to gather your neon-clad cultists and critical construction materials.

All these elements prove crucial in the latter half of Cult Of The Lamb, where you lay the foundations, nurture, and augment your cult's fortress. This phase allows you to reinforce the faith of your followers, thereby augmenting your battle strength. However, ensuring their basic needs, like proper accommodation and food provisions, are vital. Your burgeoning settlement requires a church, cozy cubicles, and farms, and you are obligated to conduct frequent sermons. 

Dota 2

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Dota 2, a notably absorbing MOBA, indisputably packs a punch when it comes to intricate detail and strategic depth. This compelling game has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the best ever in PC gaming history. It's a game world that's designed to grip you from the very onset and never let go of the allure.

What's particularly interesting is that the game, despite encompassing the same map and an overarching common objective with each unfolding matchup, offers an unparalleled gaming experience each time. With over a hundred unique characters of note and a diverse array of item combinations, every round presents a novel progression of events. Small wonder, then, that Dota 2 has garnered such a dedicated fan base and positioned itself as a classic embodiment of the genre.

The captivating gameplay puts you on edge at every moment, so steeped in suspense that any moment could herald the victory you're desperately awaiting. There's a palpable anticipation that hangs heavy even in seemingly languid matches. Whether you're garnering gold, strategizing against your opponent, racing across the length of the map to back up an ally, or regrouping at your base for some much-needed restoration, Dota 2 never ceases to enthrall. Multi-faceted and intricate, the game mechanics do present a steep learning curve that may daunt some. However, those who persevere tend to be handsomely rewarded with an immersive and intensely strategic gaming experience unlike any other.

In the context of notable PC video games, Dota 2 is undoubtedly a standout. It not only competes with the best PC games available, it also frequently outshines its 'peers' on many fronts, thereby cementing its position among the top games on PC of all time.


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Stray has quickly established itself as one of the best new PC games, delivering a uniquely captivating adventure wherein you guide a lovable cat through a desolate, post-human world. The game captures a cat's perspective brilliantly and innovatively intersperses it into the PC video gaming landscape, providing an authenticity that is both relatable and enjoyable.

What sets Stray apart are the simple yet engaging actions, such as meowing, which evoke various reactions from the robot inhabitants. These reactions range from bemused curiosity to mild annoyance when the feline disrupts their board games. Adding to the charm, our four-legged character can choose to curl up for a snooze anywhere, at any time – atop a robot, even. When the cat is shown affection by the robots and begins to purr, players can feel this tactile interaction via the nifty DualSense haptics, adding to the immersive gaming experience that makes this one of the best PC-only games to play at the moment.

Stray doesn't stop there; the game intricately weaves engaging environmental puzzles into the story, pressing players to unleash their cunning cat-like thinking to unravel the mysteries at hand. This unique gaming enhancement alone gives Stray promising potential to be considered one of the good games to play PC made.

Contrary to the often dreary tone associated with dystopian setups, Stray exudes an unexpected buoyancy. The robots, seemingly free of resentment or disdain for their extinct human creators, attempt to nourish plants to endure the perpetual darkness, a touching gesture of their inherited human affection. This jovial twist to the traditional dystopian narrative is part of Stray's irresistible appeal, making it distinct from other typical cyberpunk games. With its unique elements and engaging charm, it's clear that Stray deserves a place within the hall of top PC games of all time.

Diablo IV

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A wave of excitement has recently swept through the PC gaming community with the introduction of Diablo IV, the latest brainchild of reputed game creators Blizzard Entertainment. With this RPG, they've masterfully weaved elements of the adrenaline-filled Hack and Slash/Beat 'em up genre into its fabric resulting in a rich tapestry of gaming perfection.

Diablo IV, while tipping its hat to the reliable tradition of dungeon-exploring mechanics that generations of fans have fallen in love with, is not afraid to make innovative strides. It presents a surprisingly diverse open world that piques keen explorers' interests. Moreover, the brand-new Player vs Player (PvP) system creates a ripple effect in the gaming universe, redefining the contours of gaming as we know it.

Diablo 4’s design philosophy is a breath of fresh air – an immersive dark fantasy universe with an overlay of a new-age open-world structure. The result is a dark-gothic world, primed to offer engaging co-op gameplay experiences. Your quest as a lone adventurer or alongside a band of trusted allies remains a constant – to suspend the wicked Lilith's plans in mid-air and preserve Sanctuary.

Diablo IV, one of the new top games PC, gives players the creative freedom to shape and mold their characters with an impressive range of abilities and gear. The game boasts five distinct character classes, each bearing its blend of mechanics and abilities. What’s more, Diablo 4’s seamless multiplayer experience allows you to invite your friends to join you in solving the game's mystical dungeons' enigmas.

Without a doubt, Diablo IV ranks among the new best PC games to see the light of day. It’s a must-try for gaming enthusiasts and is set to become one of the most-played PC games for years to come. If you’re on the hunt for a stellar gaming addition to your collection, Diablo IV is one to watch out for.

Doom Eternal

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What you get when you take the remastered Doom (2016) and crank up its electrifying elements to the max is Doom Eternal. This game delivers a cataclysmic concoction of thrill and chaos. It gives you an overdose of rich, striking visual and auditory sensations that mirror the chaotic beauty you'd expect from a fever dream steeped in Doom's influence.

Doom Eternal effectively draws you into a fluid journey of first-person shooting. You'll find yourself plowing through hell's darkest corners, putting up a brave fight against hordes of gruesome demons to reclaim a terrain purged by hellfire. In this gripping PC game, survival dictates that you be ready to wield force and spill demon blood to keep yourself alive.

You'll often find yourself sizing up your armory and choosing the right guns for the right demons. But more than anything, this is a great game PC that relishes creating ruckuses and encourages bold, explosive offensive strikes.

Doom: Eternal is more than just a fiery spree of destruction. It is a stunning work of art in the gaming domain that captivates its audience by exploiting the finest gaming hardware. It also introduces a fresh 2v1 multiplayer mode where a single-player-controlled "slayer" takes on a pair of player-controlled demons. Easily one of the top games to play out currently, Doom Eternal is a must-play for avid gamers and deserves a cozy spot on any list of top-rated PC games.

Overwatch 2

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Blizzard has undeniably eased the entry point for novices in the world of Overwatch 2. However, it's still a game that requires you to ascend a somewhat steep learning curve. Yet, those who persevere will find themselves delving into arguably the most rewarding team shooter game in existence. Although the core objective appears deceptively straightforward – securing a location and fending off the opposition until victory is claimed, don't be fooled. The real gameplay is far more nuanced.

To an unseasoned player, match progressions might seem like a riotous explosion of colors, masking the intricate foundations of the game's strategy. The transition from six to five players per team, coupled with substantial character modifications, has expedited the game's tempo, resulting in a more engaging experience than the original Overwatch. Despite the amplified potential for personal impact, teamwork remains the beating heart of securing wins.

With a dazzling repertoire of more than 30 heroes, each bringing unique abilities and styles to the table, Overwatch 2 ensures every player finds a character that resonates with them. The debut collection of heroes is an absolute joy to engage with. Moreover, there is a raft of exquisite (though somewhat costly) skins to personalize your heroes. The game's splendid aesthetics and captivating sounds, a testament to Blizzard's characteristic attention to detail, will undoubtedly keep you enthralled as you navigate your way around Overwatch 2.

Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV stands as a phenomenal MMO game, uniquely catering to gamers who may not typically gravitate toward the MMO genre. Sure, you can find the familiar trademarks of hot bars, raids, and loot collection, and it indeed demands a significant commitment of time to fully appreciate. But at its heart, it tells a narrative-driven RPG tale in true Final Fantasy fashion. The bulk of the game is designed for solitary play; you can even traverse dungeons with AI-controlled companions as opposed to fellow gamers. 

While the progressing narrative intensifies across the game's four major expansions, the base game alone offers an engaging experience. It forms an emotive saga about the value of hard work and empathy aimed at restoring a forever-damaged world through a series of quests. The recent expansion, Endwalker, delivers an impactful conclusion to the captivating storyline that's been evolving for nearly eight years.

Final Fantasy XIV, like the best MMOs, offers a sense of a parallel universe, a realm so comprehensive that it seems impossible to fully uncover. The vibe is enriched further through a hospitable and positive player community. Do note, however, that a monthly subscription is required, but you can explore the core game and the first expansion without additional payment. This PC game ranks high, making it one of the most played PC games right now.

How to nab the great games for the PC that align with your interests?

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The PC games recommended method starts with diving into specific genres. While these categories are not iron-clad, they will provide you with an initial understanding of what each game entails.

To delve deeper, scour through reviews to gauge what critics and ardent fans think about various games. If you're fortunate, there might be a free demo available for certain games, allowing you to traverse a limited part of the game content before taking your call. It's a beneficial way of discovering the best downloadable games for your collection.

Save a thought for the amount of time you're willing to devote to gaming. While narrative-driven games generally have a shorter lifespan than your standard RPGs, games with multiplayer capabilities promise virtually limitless playtime, especially if you're ready to put in the elbow grease to ace them. The provided PC game recommendations should steer you towards games you're likely to savor. So consider this advice when you go in search of new games. You're much more likely to stumble upon good games to play on the PC that you're sure to enjoy.

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