Survive and Thrive: An In-Depth Review of the Best Survival Games PC

Venture on an exhilarating journey through the best survival multiplayer games have to offer as we explore various virtual terrains that prove challenging and immersive. This article delves into the unique and fascinating worlds of multiple survival video games developed by various creators. Each game noted boasts distinctive gameplay, captivating graphics, and engaging survival challenges. Unveiling the immersive realms of these games, the following segments contain an in-depth analysis of gameplay, graphical aesthetics, personal experiences, and the pros and cons of each game. From the icy wilderness of "The Long Dark" to the foreboding depths of "Stranded Deep" to the realities of a war-ridden civilization in "This War of Mine," be prepared to delve into the minutiae of these lifelike virtual environments. These stimulating survival games emphasize resource management, strategy, exploration, and continuous adaptation in hazardous conditions. Join us as we unravel the instinct of survival in some of the top survival games for PC.

The Long Dark

best survival games pc

The Long Dark is a survival video game developed and published by Hinterland Studio. A part of the "best survival PC games" list, it falls under the first-person perspective genre. It has captivated audiences with its harsh gameplay, atmospheric graphics, and immersive storyline.


In The Long Dark, the player finds themselves in the wilderness of a post-apocalyptic world following a geomagnetic disaster. The player is given the solitary task of surviving amidst the cold, starvation, and potential wildlife encounters. The game is unique in the sense that it does not include zombies or any supernatural elements, an honest deviation from the conventional survival trope. The survival game PC equips you with a resource-gathering strategy where you require to hunt and scavenge for food, construct tools, and secure shelter to withstand the adversities of the icy wilderness and the consequential long dark.


The Long Dark implements a unique visual art style. Rather than going for hyper-realistic graphics, the game uses a cool-toned color palette and a simplistic design language that amplifies the game's freezing and isolating atmosphere. This artistic choice enhances the eerie yet tranquil ambiance of the game, thoroughly immersing the player in the desolate, snow-blanketed landscape.

First-Person Impressions of The Long Dark

Playing The Long Dark is a uniquely challenging but equally rewarding experience. This makes it arguably the best survival game PC players can get their hands on. The game is brutally honest with its survival mechanics, making every decision regarding resource management critical. The exploration-heavy gameplay with the constant threat of danger from the environment or wildlife ensures that the player remains hooked. The snowy landscapes are beautiful, giving players a visually pleasing albeit chilling experience.

Pros and Cons


  1. The art style works beautifully with the game's theme.
  2. Realistic survival mechanics, making every decision count.
  3. Immersive post-apocalyptic environment to explore.
  4. No gimmicks, such as zombies, often associated with many survival games


  1. The game can be brutally difficult, especially for beginners.
  2. A lack of detailed tutorials might leave players clueless initially.
  3. Repetitive tasks might make the game monotonous for some.

The Long Dark reinforces the point that survival in the real world is much scarier than fantasy. It's a game that challenges, gives no easy routes, and makes every single action meaningful. Overall, it's a brilliant game in the survival genre.

Don't Starve

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"Don't Starve" is an iconic title worth mentioning in discussions about the best PC survival games. This unique survival horror game, developed and published by Klei Entertainment in April 2013, is also among the best survival games for Xbox One. It features a single-player mode and a multi-player version known as "Don’t Starve Together."


"Don't Starve" is a merciless game that tests players' resource management and survival skills in an unforgiving wilderness. The main goal is to stay alive for as long as possible. You play as Wilson, a gentleman scientist trapped in a sinister world by a demon. While attempting to escape, you must gather resources, build tools, invent machines, grow plants, breed animals, and avoid unknown creatures’ dangers.


I absolutely adore the unique visual style of "Don't Starve." It completely infuses the game with a distinctive Tim Burton feel, a fusion of dark, bizarre, and gothic elements that truly sets it apart from the rest. Despite the slightly macabre theme, the animation flows seamlessly and artistically, turning what might have been a gloomy world into something visually breathtaking. It's just a joy to experience.

First-Person Impressions of Don't Starve Game

Playing "Don’t Starve" is a remarkable experience. It's captivating because it assigns responsibility entirely to the player. There are no tutorials, forcing you to learn from your inevitable failures. This freedom of exploration, discovery, and decision-making forms the game's core, making the overall experience unpredictable and thrilling.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging survival mechanics.
  2. Impressive art style and atmosphere.
  3. High replay value due to the procedural generated worlds.
  4. Multiplayer option offers shared survival experiences.


  1. It can be frustrating due to its high difficulty level.
  2. Lack of a tutorial or guidance can be disorienting.
  3. Death is permanent, forcing players to restart entirely.

"Don't Starve" has earned its place among the best survival games and the best survival game for Xbox One. Despite its drastically high difficulty level, its unique art style, compelling world, strong survival mechanics, and high replayability make it a game worth experiencing.

The Forest

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"The Forest" is a beautifully designed, award-winning, open-world survival-horror game developed and published by Endnight Games. This game puts the player in the heart of a mysterious and creepy forest after surviving a plane crash with a quest for survival. In terms of genre, "The Forest" has established itself as one of the best survival PC games.


The gameplay for "The Forest" primarily focuses on survival, which didn't exactly wow me. After you miraculously survive an airplane crash, they dump you off with basic resources to get you started. Then, they expect you to somehow thrive by somehow scavenging what you can from the environment like food, shelter, and weapons. The game makes a big fuss about its day and night cycles, with dangers escalating once nightfall hits. You're expected to build campfires, defense walls, and traps, and even go hunting or foraging food while wandering through a pretty, yet kind of unnerving forest.


Playing "The Forest" seriously blew me away, mostly because of its breathtaking graphics. It's like the developers teleported a real lush, daunting forest right into the game. They nailed the detailing on the forest landscapes and seriously, the dynamic weather systems and eye-popping light effects, they're mind-blowing! It's so immersive; I completely lose myself in this surreal survival experience.

Impressions of the First-person The Forest Game

Playing "The Forest" in the first-person perspective elevates the depth of immersion. Being in the shoes of the character amplifies every encounter with its inhabitants, making you feel part of the world. The continuous uncertainty mixed with the thrill of survival makes it one of the best PC survival game.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging gameplay that seamlessly blends combat, exploration, and survival tactics.
  2. High-quality graphics providing a chilling but immersive experience.
  3. Not limited to just battling, your interaction with the environment matters.
  4. The option to play solo or with friends in co-op mode.


  1. Some may find the story progression to be slow, especially early in the game.
  2. The survival mechanics, while detailed, can seem overly complex for new players.
  3. The horror elements and graphic content may not be suitable for all audiences.

"The Forest" carves its niche in the survival horror genre. With robust survival mechanics, enticing gameplay, and top-notch graphics, it allows players to experience their own adventure in survival horror. Despite some minor flaws, it remains a high contender for the title of the best survival PC game.

This War of Mine

best survival games on pc

"This War of Mine" is an engrossing war survival game developed and published by 11 Bit Studios. Initially released in 2014, the game offers players a completely novel perspective of warfare, focusing on the survival aspect of civilians instead of the conventional battlefares. As one of the best survival games for PC, it offers an experience unparalleled in the genre.


I absolutely adore the gameplay mechanics of "This War of Mine". It offers an immersive experience where you find yourself in charge of a group of civilians trying their best to survive in a temporary shelter during a war. The challenge of scavenging for food, medical supplies, and other resources really gets you invested. Making sure your characters are not just physically healthy but also mentally stable adds such a level of depth and realism I've rarely seen in games. Not to mention the intricacies of building, upgrading, and maintaining your shelter to protect against different types of adversities - it forms a considerable portion of the gameplay, and I love it!.


The graphic elements of "This War of Mine" definitely stand out. The dark and gloomy visuals perfectly encapsulate the despair and hopelessness that character life in war-torn environments could harbor. It employs a charcoal-styled grayscale design with an occasional dash of colors to emphasize certain elements, contributing brilliantly to the overall melancholic atmosphere of the game.

Impressions of the First Person "This War of Mine"

Playing "This War of Mine" is a profound experience. Rarely has a PC game portrayed the harsh realities and bitter truths of war from the perspective of ordinary civilians in such an intense way. The emotional depth and moral dilemmas that players encounter significantly elevate the game beyond its genre, making it not just the best survival game for PC, but also an emotional narrative that lingers long after you've stopped playing.

Pros and Cons


  1. Engaging and innovative gameplay.
  2. Powerful storytelling element.
  3. Unique graphic style enhances the mood.


  1. Can be emotionally draining due to the heaviness of the theme.
  2. Might not appeal to players looking for a light-hearted, casual gaming experience.
  3. Lack of multiplayer options restricts the social aspect of gaming.

The game is a masterpiece that carves out a niche for itself in the gaming world. Its detailed orientation towards civilian life during a war unfolds brutal but essential truths of mankind, presenting a whole new dimension to the world of survival games.

Stranded Deep

top survival games for pc

Stranded Deep is a survival game published and developed by Beam Team Games. Since it was first released in 2015, it has positioned itself among the top survival games, offering an immersive, open-world experience that is challenging and engaging. The game is available on multiple platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and it's one of the best survival games on PC.


Stranded Deep is absolutely fantastic! The thrill of being lost in the Pacific Ocean after a mysterious plane crash is absolutely compelling, to say the least. It's incredibly immersive, starting the game floating on a life raft among the wreckage really gets the adrenaline pumping.

The primary objective of survival adds an intense element, requiring us players to hustle for resources, meticulously craft tools, ingeniously build shelters, and devise a daring strategy to escape. This hands-on approach to survival is what makes me love this game even more..


Graphics are a major highlight of Stranded Deep, depending on your device specifications. The natural environments are rendered beautifully with detailed oceanic ecosystems and lush, tropical islands. The game also boasts realistic weather conditions, which provide both visual appeal and gameplay obstacles.

First-Person Impressions

Stranded Deep delivers an engaging first-person survival experience. It is highly realistic, emphasizing the challenges of island survival without exaggeration or fantastical elements. From crafting simple tools to surviving a storm, it exposes players to the brutal realities of survival making it immersive and intense.

Pros and Cons

Like any game, Stranded Deep comes with its highs and lows, which we've compiled into a list for further clarity.


  1. Realistic survival mechanics and challenges.
  2. Compelling, open-world exploration.
  3. Beautifully detailed graphics.
  4. Hardcore gameplay demands strategic decision-making.


  1. Difficulty levels might be intense for beginners.
  2. Interaction with wildlife can be repetitive.
  3. Lack of guidance or tutorial might be overwhelming for some.

Stranded Deep solidifies its position among the top survival games by offering an intriguing blend of realism and challenge. Despite minor drawbacks, it remains one of the best survival games on PC, delivering a captivating and immersive gaming experience.


best survival game for pc

Wrapping things up, each survival game that I've had the joy of playing truly brings something special to the table. Stranded Deep totally hooks me with its incredibly immersive tropical survival simulation - it’s a true winner. This War of Mine is a real game-changer, exploring war's effects on civilians in a deep and meaningful way. Then there's The Forest, which keeps me on the edge of my seat with its exhilarating, nightmare-inducing action! Don't Starve, on the other hand, has charmed me entirely with its endearingly oddball art style and formidable survival challenge. And last but certainly not least, The Long Dark delivers a tough yet rewarding lone-wolf survival experience amidst the brutal chill of a relentless wilderness. However, if we had to choose the best survival multiplayer game, The Forest takes the crown for its engaging cooperative gameplay. Though others in this review cater to single-player experiences phenomenally, only The Forest masterfully integrates the thrills of multiplayer survival into its design, making it the best multiplayer survival game.

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