Sennheiser HD 660S2 Review: A Legacy Reinvented for Audiophiles

In an era where the market is flooded with a myriad of headphone options, Sennheiser sets itself apart with the release of the HD 660S2, a successor in its venerable HD 660 line. This iteration comes with a hefty price tag, boasting a reputation that might justify the expense for audio purists and professionals alike. With a lineage tracing back to the mid-1990s, these open-back reference headphones carry a legacy of unaltered design ethos and acclaimed sound fidelity, catering to a niche segment that values sonic accuracy over contemporary EQ tweaks.

An Iconic Legacy with a Modern Twist

Sennheiser's commitment to maintaining the core aesthetic and functional blueprint of the HD 600 series over the decades speaks volumes. The HD 660S2 is no exception, carrying forth the iconic open-back design and utilitarian plastic construction. This adherence to tradition underscores the brand's conviction in its design philosophy, even when faced with a market that's continuously evolving with technological advancements.

Comfort Meets Classic Design

Despite its sturdy construction, the HD 660S2 does not compromise on comfort. The velvety padding on the earcups, coupled with ample cushioning on the headband, ensures a snug yet comfortable fit. Although the initial clamping force might be a tad restrictive for some, it is a small price to pay for the immersive acoustic experience these headphones aim to deliver.

A Balanced Acoustic Performance

The HD 660S2 champions the cause of sound purity by offering an audio experience that is as close to the original recording as possible. This flat sound profile is a hallmark of reference headphones, designed to serve the needs of audiophiles and professionals who seek an uncolored and accurate reproduction of sound.

Enhanced Lows and Mids

Contrary to its predecessors within the series, the HD 660S2 promises an enriched low-end response without sacrificing clarity. The headphones showcase an impressive handling of bass, intertwined with a detailed mid-range that brings vocals and instruments to life. This nuanced performance is emblematic of Sennheiser's commitment to delivering an authentic listening experience.

A Soundstage that Breathes Life into Music

The open-back design of the HD 660S2 not only augments comfort but plays a pivotal role in crafting an expansive soundstage. This architectural choice allows for a wider sonic spread, letting each note and beat exist in its own spatial dimension, thereby enhancing the overall auditory landscape.

Clarity Across the Spectrum

Sennheiser's HD 660S2 impresses with its ability to deliver crisp and unadulterated sound across various music genres. Whether it's the sharp cymbal hits in a Bob Marley classic or the nuanced bass lines in Steely Dan's tracks, these headphones manage to present a clear and lifelike audio experience, drawing listeners closer to the heart of the music.

Immersive Gaming Audio

The qualities that make the HD 660S2 outstanding for music listening also lend themselves to an immersive gaming experience. The broad soundstage and detailed audio reproduction provide a sensory advantage in gaming environments, creating a deeper sense of immersion.

The Power Requirement Paradigm

The fidelity of the HD 660S2 comes with its own set of requirements—namely, a significant power input facilitated by dedicated DACs or amps. This necessitates an additional investment, pushing the overall cost higher, but is a testament to the professional-grade quality these headphones are intended for. In conclusion, the Sennheiser HD 660S2 stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to audio purity and professional-grade sound quality. Although the high price point and specific amp requirements may limit its appeal to a niche audience, those in search of unparalleled sonic accuracy will find these headphones to be an invaluable addition to their audio arsenal.

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