Don't Waste Your Money, This Dragon's Dogma 2 Feature Is Incredibly Underwhelming

As players navigate the rich and complex world of Dragon's Dogma 2, they are met with a plethora of decisions that can impact their journey. One such decision involves how they choose to spend their hard-earned gold. With the game's economy designed to encourage thoughtful spending, it's crucial to make wise investments. However, not all available options provide tangible benefits, leading to possible regret for unwary players. This article delves into one particular feature that, despite its allure, ends up being a pitfall for those seeking to enhance their gaming experience.

Don't Spend Money At The Rose Chateau In Dragon's Dogma 2

The allure of the Rose Chateau, a secret brothel located beneath Vernworth Hall, might seem intriguing at first. After receiving the Myrmecoleon Card upon completing "The Stolen Throne" quest, players gain access to this clandestine establishment. The prospect of spending a night with one of the courtesans for 20,000 G might appear tempting, but the reality is starkly disappointing. The experience lacks substance, offering no in-game benefits such as buffs, affinity increases, or special scenes—making it an extravagant yet fruitless expenditure.

Alternative Means of Rest and Achievements

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While a visit to the Rose Chateau does count as resting, similar to staying at an inn, it's not the most economical choice. Shakir's Inn in the Merchant Quarter offers the same benefits of full HP restoration and loss meter removal for a mere 2,000 G. Furthermore, achieving the Myrmecoleon Delights achievement does not necessitate spending gold at the Chateau, debunking any perceived necessity for visiting this establishment for achievement hunters.

Is The Platinum Myrmecoleon Card Worth It In Dragon's Dogma 2?

The offer to upgrade to a Platinum Myrmecoleon Card, granting access to the third floor of the Rose Chateau, might seem like an exclusive privilege. However, the experience remains unchanged, rendering the significant financial investment unjustifiable. Despite the allure of a larger selection of courtesans, the steep price tag of over 100,000 G for this "privilege" is better allocated towards more practical in-game resources like gear or consumables.

Seeker's Tokens: The Only Silver Lining

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The Rose Chateau's sole redeeming factor lies in the availability of Seeker's Tokens on its third floor, accessible only with the Platinum Card. These tokens contribute to obtaining high-tier rewards, yet the game design allows players to bypass these particular tokens without missing out on the top rewards or achievements. Thus, even this aspect does not justify the financial outlay required for the Platinum Card and subsequent visits.

Stealing The Platinum Myrmecoleon Card

For players still intrigued by the third floor, an alternative exists in the form of stealing a Platinum Myrmecoleon Card from select NPCs. This method circumvents the need for a hefty financial investment, although any transactions conducted on the third floor will still incur the standard fee. This approach offers a glimpse into the Rose Chateau's upper echelon without the financial burden.

Seeking Romance in Dragon's Dogma 2

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For those drawn to the Rose Chateau in search of romance, Dragon's Dogma 2 offers more fulfilling avenues. By pursuing quest lines and building affinity with characters like Wilhelmina and Ulrika, players can experience romance that is not only cheaper but also more rewarding. This process underscores the game's emphasis on meaningful interactions and relationships, contrasting sharply with the shallow experience provided by the Rose Chateau. In conclusion, while Dragon's Dogma 2 offers a diverse range of activities and features to engage with, the Rose Chateau stands out as an example of an underwhelming and costly diversion. By steering clear of this feature and focusing on more impactful investments and narrative-driven romance options, players can ensure a more satisfying and rewarding journey through the game's vast world.